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PkOwnage Update log Archive 2016 - I Dds You - 05-04-2019

Pretty self explanatory, this thread lists all of the updates from the archive 2016

new background, renamed and repackaged a lot of stuff

server up people can play! time to start work.

added master
client - renamed awaken guard and awaken games guy
planned some shit and noticed some st0f

"vesion" - version (quest tab)
AwakenGamesDialogue rename and walktoactions
Rename Awaken References
rename pkownagebot PkOBot
rename "CEO" - Owner
search "Daniel" and change ALL references lol
check and redo / trivia
redo announcements
send(new SendMessage("Welcome to the PkOwnage BETA."));
rename ALKAHID
all warnings supressed and cleared

moved farming shop
noted Consumables
renamed npcs and updated client
rename ::mastermeall for admin
"awaken" npc's changed - NPC DEFINITIONS AND NPCSPAWNDEFINITIONS//serversided
change BH Store and set prices
changed teleport prices
added some anagrams
relax zone temporary
move barrelchest - 2910 3613 spawn - 2917 3627 tele in

remove captain donnie fuck prestige

<!--> Prestige // captain donnie <-->

Barrows gives fixed pieces as rewards.
more bounty store items
weapon game tele
gwd kc - 20 -
remove phat set 13173 - donor
remove mask set -donor
d stones in shop, removed Jades - skilling
add sanfew serums - dont work - consumubles
runes 100000 of each in shop
BGS Special attack 65
points commands to 50000
finish setting bounty prices
public int[][] TIER_DATA = { { 12746, 50_000 }, { 12748, 100_000 }, { 12749, 200_000 }, { 12750, 400_000 }, { 12751, 750_000 }, { 12752, 1_200_000 }, { 12753, 1_750_000 }, { 12754, 2_500_000 }, { 12755, 3_500_000 }, { 12756, 5_000_000 } };
pkownage games teleport
search "Daniel" and change ALL references lol
deleted "new home" npcs and objects, objectmanager
uploaded new jar to trentahost

Removed Vencillio ref on client - check server sided
snakeskin tanner checking wrong id // snakeskin tanned hides to craft
command interface updated
cosmic runes to shop
packs to general store, consumubles to general store
moved mage of zammy
moved merchant guy
swap sailor and membership position
fixed points to enter
check if i can copy dZ coords - no
new dz mapped out tele 2847 5085
remove gen store tables and boxes
remove tree at home
remove doors at entrana and new dz
remove cart at home
remove well at home
dz npcs - 2 bankers, nieve, dunce, membership, all shops
remove skilling shop at home
move shops
entrana skilling area - remove all p2p objects and npcs from entrana, banks near skill places
remove nieve dunce and decantor, big mo, genie,
update skilling teleports to entrana
update donor teleport to new dz
move wyvern
move fountain of rune
npc facing in dz
remove slayer npcs from entrana
npc facing at home
moved all home npcs
swapped all tele ids accordingly, ie agility and farming
uploaded new pkownage jar for just one fix on the pkownage guard -.-
"You don't not have any"
announcements - Did you know? Godwars only requires 20 Killcount!
duped consumubles npc at home 3080 3512
dzone furnace id change
wall blocking dz changed to agility thing
remove deposit box 3098 3496
mage arena npcs def bonus - npc skill 2 = defence
bandos boots dropchances id fixed
replaced copper ore, tin ore correctly
add copper and tin and iron to entrana
added ladder "teleport" slayer dz npcs in cave: ladder teles you to 3577 9927
added dark beasts/abyb demons to slayer dungeon
Add current slayer points send message to the shop
Add current wep game pts send message to the shop
Add current pest points send message to the shop
chaos rune pack price
move chaos ele

glory 6 - 11978 , glory 5 - 11976 - glory 4 is 1712
check slayer points per task
changed ::dz from zulrah tele to ::zoolrahh
callisto hit change from ::hi to ::callysto
kalphite queen 1st form 964 2nd form 963
renamed log panel to Points Tracker
barriers at dz temporary!

nieve 2 credits for boss task removed
moved weird old man move from 3562 3314, second click open shop 93
removed wall from dz and moved barriers slightly :)
rewrite slayer tasks - easy - jon
removed part of ::copy - bank code
added boss kill log ::pp command to quest tab
changed item pack opening box
changed starter to give more stuff
added couple more magic trees to donor zone
fixed jons clue scroll by changing coords
add some triva questions

update points command to include barrows points
1000 buys per time instead of 500
added karambwan to shop and set a price
added snakeskin boots to ranged shop
halo's to weapon store game 100k ea
[Vencillio] NPC's not attacking Fix. player/finishteleportingtask
Add current vote, member,barrows,boss, send message to the shop


jons slayer task update
barrows points and shop items complete, shop ID 93
removed new crystal bow from slayer shop for now
client update - add trade option weird old man - currently attacks?
renamed membership marvin
[li]Mapped the full Nieve Stronghold Slayer Dungeon for players to use.[/li]
teleport to slayer cave and priced
ring of slaying?? - unlimited free teleports :)
added 2 announcements
all xp rates changed ?
::dz command to donator zone
updates commands list
rewrite vote store - 2 spaces left

packed 108 data
dragon left and right half to make sq shield
fixed hellhound id's in nieves cave
fixed shop exchange - object id 11747
bolt enchanting
removed a trivia
fixed barrows points - didnt stack up

maps packed
rsinterface / mayhem cache server sided copied
The ::dz command fixed and ironmen are blocked
::master ironman block?
remove zulandrah tele
kalphites as a slayer task - medium
blowpipe spec test too
bolt enchanting achievements
rune pouches support pure ess and not normal essence
cerberus placeholder - removed kalphite tele on boss page
cleaned all special attack handlers that werent needed
moved mac, gambler and crystal chest moved
Uploaded a vid
cleared subscriptions
Added a parameter to the drop announcing. Will only send regional announcement if item is worth >= 50k.
added some "items" that werent in this 108 deob but "should" be ?

edgeville gate now works open and closing ?
slayer door now works
warriors guild door 24309 and 24306
entrana doors kinda now work
jad pet 4010 npc 13225 - works "you summon your null"
Dragonfire shield combining cost has been lowered from 15m to 5m at Oziach
Mysterious emblems do not drop for pking - pking for bh rewards
big mo npc changed - swap npc 5860 with 5841 - client update done
amulet of recall works - item 10500 - how to get
Added combining items with max cape to make combinations such as fire max cape.
renamed crone amulet - amulet of recall
all gwd gs shards should be "Rare" drop
cant eat mushroom potatos, swap for chilii? - armadyl gwd
zulrah 1 form has easier chance for pet
jar of swamp was uncommon loot
dragonfullhelm - mith dragons drop
baby dragons npc 241 to 246 drop baby dragon bones 534
tzhaar mej kah dialogue for jad pet and npcs input - test pet obtaining
Fight Caves now will correctly spawn firecape on ground if your inventory is full.

cleared server ready for services!
error with this: ByteBuffer bb = ByteBuffer.wrap(FileUtility.readFile(Signlink.findcachedir()+"flo2.dat")); need to pack flo2

service updates list
SERVICE - check client vs latest

Donators unlimited run for purchase - 20 credits on the Credits tab - added ->, and
SendEntityFeed - disabled it due to a null spam error? - fixed ->
Owner loses items on death - keep all - fixed ->
When the server crashes or shutdown the bat file can we get a player save called - people can get rollbacks easily - i.e a java applet opens when server is ran, when closed it saves and executes shutdown - suggested fix -> ShutdownHook

barrier in weapon game (12352) teles u to dz - swapped with 3565 & 3443 lol
change white daggers price
emblems work - killing players for their shit
creditshandler & tab updated
add teleports interface to lunar tele's

dragon claws examine
XP Rate changes for: lower Slayer higher Mining & Smithing
amulet of recall 10500 drops by wildy bosses - chaos fanatic, scorpia, vettion, crazy arch, callisto
fixed dragon halberd animations - 1231
Dragon halberd spec working
found proper hunter npcs, hunting implings animation - 6606
cleaned all warnings
removed prestige from 99 gainz
renamed lunar teleports to pvp, pvm etc
crystal halberd added definitions, - 13091 new full - 13080 new full (i)
440 - crystal halberd regular hit spec anim: 1203 // spec gfx: 1234 or better one is 1232 crystal hally gfx
Staff of the dead special anim: 7083, gfx: 1228
Toxic staff of the dead special anim: 1720, gfx : 1228
bandos minion animations and gfxs
sara minion animations and gfxs
cerberus walk & stand & death anim set
thermy smoke devil animations mostly set - "nieve cave" entrance obj 154 -in 3677, 5775, cave exit - obj 536 - out: 2356 9782
changed hunter xp addition to 21 instead of 22
change xp rates - hunter bit lower , agility higher
changed appendImpling to spawnImpling - not completed

fixed gwd boss bonuses
fixed thermy pet drop chance
added cerberus drops
set drop chances for occult and cerb drops
hellhound drops smouldering stone
crystal bow and crystal bow I is now 2 handed and works accordingly - add back to shop?
NEW crystal bow 4212 to 4223 // bow (I) - 11748 to 11758
crystal items added back to slayer shop
crystal shield normal shield - 4224 to 4235 // crystal shield (I) - 11759 to 11769
sotd requirements
chinchompas - 10033 - red chin 10034 - black chin 11959
Fixed the trading bug where you follow instead -

Fixed player saving when shutdown - shutdown hook in
test dice bag - ItemPackets case 12020
fixed doors???????
fixed wcing?
check slayer npcs reqs
special attack bar
To fix mining (and stalls if you use that aswell), just redo the mining a bit the same way woodcutting is handled
[18:00:32] Stan Jansen: In the
[18:00:43] Stan Jansen:   ObjectManager.register(new GameObject(treeId, object.getLocation().getX(), object.getLocation().getY(), object.getLocation().getZ(), object.getType(), object.getFace()));
for mining i just created a deadoretask (similar to and just copy pasted and edited the code from woodcutting a bit :P
swapped contruction icon for hunter in cache
Remember to change no-ip from to or -
cache/client version 3
opened up thermonuclear cave
public static final int REMOVE_GROUND_ITEM = 350; - 3600 is 1 hour 30 mins 1800
public boolean remove() {
return (time >= 3600) || (time < 0);


update eclipse
new owner crown - A client memory fix - cool af
all ground items set to last 30 mins
thermonuclear devil defence bonus and hit based
smoke devils have been added
proper smoke devil cave completed (walk actions)
xp rates again check all
fixed nieves mud pile
max players online writing symbols - fixed

Implemented Cerberus
removed dz objects that came back
added teleport for cerberus on spellbook
spawn commands for normal players ??
developer melee kits for spawn
fixed mining - deadoretask
cerberus tele fixed
kills tracker - cerberus, smoke devil - add to mobconstants
add boss points shop and boss points - bossPoints npc 3463
boss shop spawned in dz and home
checked boss shop items
dev commands
dwh power adjusted
abbysal dagger and bludgeon - 13271, 13263
update slayer tasks - included cerberus, thermonuclear update again


capitalized all skill names
spawn hunter npcs at puropuro - imps notepadfile
hunter sendskill
fixed set boss points
hunter teleport
fixed skill tab
hunter equip to gen store
shop keeper to entrana
updated website redirect (voting) and done motivote
installed mybb
dled mybb theme to try install
removed old vote things
updated links
delete motivote sql maybe
test boss ptz - test cerberus
cerberus key master teleport - add to drops
voting works - 1point per vote auth?
mystery boxes in vote shop and price etc
announcements on server
push updates to vps - update pkownage jar
fixed command links (
forum announcement
Update homepage
set up auto vote pages
play with mybb forums - dled mybb theme to try install, add my userbars, title, create some forums
add current vote points on store opening
changed createaforum links on client and server
Mybb - userbars, icons etc
get server images
write another advertisement
barrows run vid
corp beast works again
thermonuclear boss killcount
Added skeletal wyverns to hard slayer tasks & portal has been added at home
move clan wars portal to home
adam 3100 3506
add 6199 to achievement store
credits - move shop 3 to shop 1, and move shop 1 to vote( add yoyo 4079)
More items to vote store - copy Credits store, change items though
super anti poison dont work - copy antipoison
ddp++ to weapons shop & prices
d hally price
remove credits cost for player owned shops
moved crystal chest
cant attack kalphites
rune shield (h4) equip slot 5 (shield)
added venenatis boss + teleports
dwh spec - check lunar

redid advertisement plan
updated most/all advertisements - spent a whole $2.50 for a premium week :s lol
veneatis drops
vote shop 2 costs credits lol, removed xp lamp


search "big mo" - trivia questions
Max Cape doesn't act like ava's accumulater - test avas max cape
fixed boss points
slayer helm & black mask working
update owner points command, include boss, more bounty
dwarf cannon -
d dart price changed
deadman armour to vote store Deadman's chest - 13317 slot 4 Deadman's legs - 13318 slot 7 Deadman's cape - 13319 slot 1
LUNARS - TELE animations removed for modern lol -
added mith ore to entrana
added extra rune rock to entrana
removed last voter and votes and money spent from quest tab
fixed up quest tab after that update^
Tracking + number+ Beasts (kills tracker)
thanks/like system on mybb
removed case 139 (trade/follow/chatbox bug)

test a cannon
fixed deadman armour lol
added new items - ballista, new rings/necklaces/bracelets (zenyte)
demonic gorillas added
updated floors - cerberus dungeon now looks as it should
item creating for ballistas etc
fixed forum link
Update Cache Versions 3.0 to 4.0
Update Client Versions 3.0 to 4.0
upload new client
upload new cache
fixed item packs?
added veneatis and demonic gorilla to boss slayer tasks
monkey cape equipdefinition - slot 1 ID 19556
coloured slayer helmets
trivia points ++ shop - npc 276? change
butterfly net + jar price
update trivia shop
pimp credit shop 2 (copy some of lunar isle shop 3 and shop 1)
super potion set unpacking
add 2 member credits purchaseable from shop
Prestige level:
"npc 7147" - demonic gorilla

update client jar

fixed varbit (cache issue)
town crier/trivia bloke wont spawn
rename "dragon token"
kills tracker
gorillas tele
upload jar
upload cache
finish gorrilas drops - rare mostly done
updated homepage
updated forum thread
demonic or tortured
announcement: demonic gorillas
demonic gorilla drop rates
demonic gorilla 1bp per kill


update client to trentahost
fix special attack bar again and update cache to 4.2
monkey tail to gorilla drops
item drop rates
fixed boss points from non boss npcs
fixed item definitions
fixed kalphites?
fixed trivia(s)
mage arena points 1-6
abbydagger -
ags acuracy
walls fixed/doors - entrana dz, kbd, warriors guild


slayer shop
boss shop
vote shop
credits shop
bounty shop
doors (again)
member bonds
check how bond ranks work
commented out
itemdefinitions on vps
client update ((item, store links)
finished store page
added purchaseables


donator command
zulrah gives boss points
forum - Youtuber rank (Remove Developer, move Veteran after Support and Replace Veteran with #f3172d YouTuber)
update banners on all advertisements
PKOWNage homepage - harry's video, update news,
fixed pure/zerk command
donations automated but dc
npc drops - increase some, add to demons tormented bracelet 19544 and chance of stuff
increase monkey tail chance
::pure needs hitpoints 99 {3, 99},
zenyte shard exchanged
<name>Achievement diary cape</name><id>19476</id>
donator titles setting. npc 6749 dunce?
set inMemberZone
fixed zulrah boss points issue

____________ - boss VETION("Vet'ion"),
50 d darts per time
javelin fletching? ARROW.JAVA 50 dragon javs per time - zenyte, use your mould on a gem with gold bar
tormented bracelet slot 9 equipment def
cut dstone prices 124822 - dragon stone price???????? 120822
nerf hunter xp until implings are fixed
obstacleinteraction - marks of grace, 5 at a time
zulrah bosspoint?
demonic gorilla spawned lol
1536 npc spawn in donor zone, fishing npc spawns- replace
fixed amulet stringing
donorzone add bank booth 2848 5064 && 2847 5064
boss point store prices. ecumenical key for 15 points, 11942
unnoting items problem
unlimited run energy strikethrough
webs not cutting mage bank. - object 733


price - big bones
babydragon bones
grapes price
dust devils melee not range
donator general store shop id 354 npc 520 pos 2831, 5086 - coal 454, pure essence 7937, zulrah tele 12938, zulrah scales 12934, headless arrow 53, black chins 11959, d darts 11230, d arrows 11212, d javelins 19484, 11935 and 11937 dark crabs, 13440 and 13442 anglerfish, super combat potions(maybe)
more itemdefinitions from lunar - ring of coins etc
member zone thieve takes u to entrana - 2854, 3337
change anglerfish price
chins price
cooked karam <delay>2</delay> was 0
zulrah scales
change bank booth
GMAUL case 4153
mystery boxes - add gp, 2 credits 7478, rings 12603, 12605, 12601, mystery box 6199, ecumenical key 11942, 19610 monkey tail, dark bow 11235, 11838 sara sword
crystal chest, add mystery box, d boots 11840 11942 ecu key, mark of grace 11849
trivia asking about achievements the answer is 70 yet the achievement tab says there is 72.
2 credits box updated - added gp, 2 credits 7478, add mystery box 6199, 11942 ecu key, rings 12603, 12605, 12601
Zulrah snakelings melee you when they're supposed to range
pnpc 7315
search d scim 4587 search and add id 20000 everywhere, itemrequirement
and d scim, d def, occult
dragon defender 12954 search and add to 19722
12002 occult necklace search and add to 19720
equipconstants (full mask ID)


barrage height
remove achievement mystery box
Amulet of Torture price - 18,310,822
ring of suffering - 18,517,817
tormeted bracelet - 18,450,899
anguish - 18,250,325
ring of coins - 40m
shayzien armour donator shop: 20018 713379 13381 13380 13377 13378
equipment definitions 19985 bow tie weild slot 19970 necklace-2
19915</id> cyclops head mask weild slot 0, full mask
weapon game shop 19722 d defender t, 20050 obsidian cape (r), 20065 - occult kit
scarfs to trivia
clue rewards
hunter - clue scrolls from imps
ring of coins
fixed easter ring
obby cape stats
stats for the new god boots
fixed clues
ranger gloves fixed up
removed invisible whip
sinister key

test easter ring and ring of coins
ring of suffering bonuses
1-2 vote points per vote, no boxes
slayer helm prices
redo credits store prices
50 credits for 1$
anglerfish - if id "15272"
fixed constant master
removed anglerfish for now
new WeightedChance<Item>(WeightedChance.RARE, new Item(13192, 1)), //credits 50
removed mboxes from voting

fix mastering all the time - do for pure and zerk too
Master: case 202051:
trivia shop for iron men 362
add net and butterfly jar to ironman shop
rune shield h5 helm slot slot 5
fixed warriors guild
slayer npcs -gargoyle, nech

mod commands tested
removed clues from hunter
public boolean inWilderness(int x, int y, int z) {
return (x > 2941 && x < 3392 && y > 3524 && y < 3966) || (x > 2941 && x < 3392 && y > 9918 && y < 10366);
loyalty titles colours - 50 gp each, test
Hunter implings
wilderness teleport level


Jons updated Price list


fixed implings
update bonds client/server
phat set unbox from lunarisle
rock cake lunar isle
update pure shop from lunar
max hood FULL HELM 13330 13332 13334 13336 13338 // MUTAGENS helm TOO 13197 // 13199
Search: "answered the question correctly! Answer:
update give drops command remove the announcement
new pets
HELL_CAT(7582, 1625), //DONOR SHOP
HELL_KITTEN(7583, 5597), //FREE SHOP
INADEQUACY(4520, 3473),
CORP(####, 4002),
warlord thing(bosspets)
npcdef: done
zezima boss points set
changed kbd boss points
mutagen rarity
add item on item to create colored serp helms: 13197 // 13199
add mutagens to zulrah drops
corp pet? npc ID 4002, item ID? item 553 ghost's skull
corp pet to corp drop, set rarity
NPC 4497 - skeletal warlord npc spawn - object 16683, portal tele in pos
left to do: zezima in dz - 2643
zezima drops(notepad file)


Item creating - sigils
client links - updated to Guides link
3rd age axe: 7264
3rd age pickaxe: 7283
clues chance 1 - 1 100.0
fixed weapon definitions for swords - bronze sword works
skeletal warlord drops

Asking for Lizard Shamen from Stan
Asking for Abyssal Sire from Stan
img 8 for pet sire reward
dwh, unsired rarity drop rarity
add orphan pet to npc def - fix
add hellcat/kitten to trivia shop
teleportation to lizardmen
find sire death npc id - 5908
lizard man boss points
Item 6758 imbue scroll
set drop rarity
abyssal orphan pet item 13262, npc id?
dueling poison tie - poison false when otherplayer is killed
Updated bonds credit game


inadequacy drops
add skeleton drops
mystery boxes updated
added rock cakes to pc/skeleton drops
make area multi - 1: 2756 3843 // 2: 2800 3879
Inadequacy area - NPC Spawn -NPCID 6119- 2767 3863
TELE IN 2767 3853
Update itemdefinitions & npcdefinitions from Stan
bloodhound npc pet 6296
bloodhound pet to
test multi at inadequacy
inadequacy thru pray
skeleton boss melee thru pray


block pets in pest control
("You can't teleport above level 20 Wilderness.")
dfs spec?
loyalty titles - 5,000.000
skilling pets - beaver, heron, chinchompas
elysian spirit shield bonuses
divine - item 12821
weapon game pics

>= 2177 - max cape
test gambler

michael pics and features
bludgeon spec - try copy d hally?? 30333
post on rune-server


VPS PAID - 3 Months
veng timer reset
fix item 6758 on item (imbues)
!=2178 LOL -mac dialogue
imbue system - all items - Bounty points shop 2 - item 6758 Imbue Scroll
tormented ornament kit to Bounty shop
Drop tables to quest tab
more implings spawning
ironman shops - boss ptz, donor general store
pest control no pets ingame


set up SSL
remove a web from ardy - wildy lever
ranged - diamond e, ruby e, dragon e
sara sword, i could wear when i was only 60 attak
remove veng printing


client update:
{ "<col=C22323>Red", "@[email protected]" },
{ "<col=0FA80F>Green", "@[email protected]" },
{ "<col=2AA4C9>Blue", "@[email protected]" },
{ "<col=C9BC28>Yellow", "@[email protected]" },
{ "<col=F58D16>Orange", "@[email protected]" },
{ "<col=C931E8>Purple", "@[email protected]" },
{ "<col=F52CD7>Pink", "@[email protected]" },
{ "<col=FFFFFF>White", "@[email protected]" },
removed spawn tab that "doesnt work"

copy send starter
update commands
update commandsinterface
update globalmessages
update shopconstants
check object swapped 3565 with 2944
TaskQueue.queue(new PlayerBackupTask());
//TaskQueue.queue(new PlayerTickTask());
remove stalls at home
npc for stalls at home move him to entrana
bounty shop - remove ROW scroll
bounty shop 2!! - lava and frozen whip kits
if (player.getRights() == 11 || player.getRights() == 12  || player.isIron() == true) {


reset IP starters
range skillcape to work like avas
emblem trader dialogue "i want to trade"
promo video
stalls move you in entrana not home/edgeville
add/move home to rimmington
updates thieving teleport/rogues de
bounty shop 2!! - godswords, sigils, new boots crystals, dragon defender, super combat 250 bounties each, dark crabs 50 bounties ea, PVP armours,
imbued - untradeable
Equipment definitions - armadyl worn 55 def - should be 70


remove ladder of doom from client objects list, rename portal 7353
^npcs not attacking/attacking after u tele

test jad
max cape
max cape teleporting
blowpipe - - You can no longer do the Infinite Blowpipe spec glitch (Note: you can still go negative scales, that hasn't been fixed)
emblems test - selling tiers 1 by 1, u can dupe more points essentially
christmas cracker
new monkey pet

client updates-
Fixed the fps lag.
Fixed some client issues.
Fixed the lagging text.
pet sizing
pet gorila 1465
serpentine helm gives poison immunity
ring of stone 6583
test crackers 962
test dicebag 12020 - dicer command - can sell dicer rank whenever
max cape guy 5m
sigil drop rates
maxcape dialogues
mystery box update
clues counter
Zamorak GWD Minions now function correctly - npc combat definitions: Zammy boss - minions 3130 to 3133
astral runes are now craftable - Use ::lunar OR Use the SOUL RUNE VOID IN ABYSS
added mining, fishing and woodcutting skilling pets
fixed jad pet rewarding from defeating jad, so not only can you swap capes for a chance of jad pet now.
giveall command
demonic gorillas now drop a baby monkey pet and the monkey cape
host blacklisting
"redeem a dicer scroll" change to dicer rank
add chinchompa pet to impling hunting
move the sailor next to trivia

redone boxes
fixed crackers 962
maxed status
max cape zone - 2634 4691


changed mystery boxes again more slightly
mysteryboxminigame changed more
sexynurse - spawned at dz, edge and clan wars
box of untradeables item id 290
Contains: Void Knight Set, Fighter Torso, Barrows Gloves, Fire Cape.
fixed bounty emblem tiers exchange (was essentially a points dupe, because it didn't remove all tiers traded).
updated bounty shop prices slightly
added bolts to the ironman misc store as you can't make bolts.
trivia shop: 3077, 3510
raid queen npc 765 to trivia shop
raidS - safe raiding
client update - expand the my profile scrollbar

cant teleport after a raid - set default controller
added more raid options
fixed clue scrolls
updated the no sell list to included noted items lol
added clue counters to player profiles
"did you know, raids are now in game!" - global messages
client update - expand the my profile scrollbar
compare old with dark asylum
E:\Dan\PkOwnage 2016\Official Folder\PkOwnage Package\Docs
added 2 new slayer boss tasks


raids added to magicskill and pci
//if (attacking == null || attacking.getIndex() <= -1) {
if (attacking.getIndex() <= -1) {
return false;
button 66115 - open store
add back more common items to credits box
(11901, 1) wears on your head, needs cape slot // cape-1
added open guthans pack to client lol

____________ ripped from starlight
max capes untradeable
ballista attack speeds
ags accuracy / str
other stuff done before harrison service:
decant super combat - potiondecanting
kbd drops
INFERNAL_MAGE(4140, 446), //members boss pet
skull me
teleport handler
kalphite queen drops, kq mob
saradomin sword graphic fixed
serpentine helm charges
elegantskirts or legs equipment def
bank blocking at ::lunar
added yaks tele
item dismantle
lava dragons in dz dungeon
test ballista spec 19481
npc 1578: corrupt sorceress max cape boss
Skotizo boss
arclight spec and drop rarity 19675
5775 penis queen - drops, tele and spawn
raredrops chance penance pet
redo skotizo drops, where its to be spawned too
updated boss tracker log
make edgeville lever work??? check
19675 item/equip definition
zamorak gwd npc drops
boss pets should now be kept on death - removed dupes pets

upload pkownage homepage :)
fix penance pet
check elegant


entity - inWilderness return (x > 2941 && x < 3392 && y > 3524 && y < 3966);
new ballista spec done
reset task options - vannaka and nieve
emblems 100% loot in
ring of suffering (i) - doubled stats of normal suffering


pko constants updates - pkownageconstants
d2h spec - 7158 - d2h spec def - convert from json
ess pouches support - ess and puress - player,playersave
ardnouge cape dialogue - achievement dialogue updates
expand bank + donor bank
mithril seeds?
slayer ring
book of piracy - voter title item, add to vote shop
bank pin logger
connections logger


add highscores
global messages
fixed gamblers zone


broke and fixed highscores system - removed the non working skills from there
General store at donor zone
Random npcs spawns at lumby falador and barbarian village
test looting bag - changed withdrawing
emily dialogue
aubury dialogue
more vote booth supported


Omega egg
Zulrah totem
Ironman skilling box
Dwarf cannon to slayers shop
Add new ranks to the Cache, client and server - Veteran and Support and youtuber
fixed ironman and ultimate ironman icons
Updated Owner rank
updated zulrah's drops



General store at donor zone
Random npcs spawns at lumby falador and barbarian village
emily dialogue
aubury dialogue
more vote booth supported around pkownage
blocked some items from high alching
Can no longer teleport from high wild via agil/farming teleports
fix images for skill rewards etc and announcements
drop announcements
Spam clicking the zul-andra teleport and cerberus tele no longer spawns multiple zulrahs
Added the matching colors/rank titles and symbols for donators and other ranks when they use ::yell
credits announcement spam fixed
Giant mole respawn rate
armadyl minions wrong attack styles
fixed mithril dragon defensive stats
lava dragons defensive stats
Rusty scimitars can now be stacked
The 3 altars have been added to clan wars for easy spellbook switching/getting full prayer
The 3 altars have been added to mage bank for easy spellbook switching/getting full prayer
add a tips page - started
Water altar teleportation has been fixed
blood rune crafting abyss is now available to all users
fixed donor command to handle the varied ranks
added some more tips with jon

armadyl crossbow uses 1 range lvl
all capescape uses lvl 1
vetion teleport
reduced weapon game store prices
upped the amount of coins dropped by npcs a bit
updated weapon game crate rewards
ice barrage projectile delay? <delay>0</delay> was 50
possible small cheap fix for clan wars, if you teleport home from there it will now "reset" your player from clan wars settings
bank pin no longer tells you your bank pin when you go to check, kind of defeated the object of having a bank pin.
crystal chest loots some
added kdr page on to quests tab
buffed drop rates
might of fixed zammy npcs attacking
graardor 2215 - fix zammy npcs auto attacking
added teletabs to the Donator Gen Store

blowpipe has +40 prayer bonus?
sgs doesnt need 75 atk to wear
"iron players cannot change their rank" - image wrong
<img=11>@[email protected] Ironman -
DO round 6 of raids
"quick links menu" - client
<name>Light bow tie</name>
d claws price set
max cape wildy teleport check
change ironman yell title colour


highscores usernames with spaces are now fixed
skeletal wyverns tleport to training menu
change ironman icon for ult in pkownagebot?
mining remove object
kraken drops correct trident
fixed zenyte and d stone anims when crafting the respected gem.
added zulandrah teleport type :)
buff zulrah's drops (coins prices on itemdef)
mining fix
farming tree seeds now works at respectable patches, no need for saplings. just seeds.
admins cant use the player owned store
if(player.getSpecialAttack().getAmount() < 100) {
 //player.getSpecialAttack().update(); - comment this out in playerdeathtask
super potions decanting
{ 12699, 12699, 229, 12695 },    { 12699, 12697, 12701, 12695 },   { 12701, 12701, 229, 12699 },    { 12697, 12697, 12699, 12701 },
3024 4 dose = 12695
3026 3 dose= 12697
3028 2 dose= 12699
3030 1 dose = 12701

noting items via banks only works in edgeville - if (objectId == 11744  || objectId == 14367) {
astrals are now 40 rc to craft, 87 for double


ags 1.55
pack 121 items and npcs.
did some new skill pet handles
" - change to small W"
try get updates seq.dat from stan for anims,
pheonix client - entity def to pick up npc
Max cape - operate - opens teleport selection?
tip: sinister keys can be used on any crystal key half to make a crystal key.
Giant squirrel Obtained while training agility
Tangleroot Obtained while farming
Rift guardian Obtained while runecrafting
Rocky Obtained while thieving
Phoenix firemaking - Supply crates earned from subduing the Wintertodt
then cache version 5.0 and update client 6.5

planning services
rogues den vote booth
thieving safes updated
vote booth at 2843 5089
ardy cloak & max cape tele at 30 wildy
fixed a trivia
tips update - tridents only work with normal spell books tip
wildy sign opens highscores
quest tab update
tut updates
moved donor thieveing spot


website images updates

player profiles - runecrafting says lvl 1
50 credits give you member stats?
"achieved level of 99"
black demons in taverly
barrows old man in donor zone
nerf farming trees xp
redo farming skill pets
agility pets
added smoke devils to slayer cave
super antipoison
magma helm no stats - copy 13197
::discordinv changed
abyssal sire

- Easily 'PJED' by dragons
- mining ess - should give pure or normal ess, but throws this error
- Could you fix the pet insurance system? - pkownage guard
- Dwarf cannon fix - can dupe cannon and place 2 cannons on ground
- got another error for slayer helm, and i think a range one too
- QUEST TAB: Server uptime defaults at one day and it's started to trigger my ocd
- pathing with npcs needs work, you will dance or push to a wall on occasion
- rune pouch? stores 3 runes any type
- ring of suffering & ring of suffering (i) - recoil ring (25$)
tutorial - vote booth coords should be 3092 3489
final dialogue shorter
varrock 1st bank booth
ringof suffering - the item bonuses for
19550 - normal ring
19710 - ring of suffering imbued
20655 - ring of suffering (recoil charged)
20657 - ring of suffering, (recoil charged and imbued)
rankhandler setmember
slayer helm task checking
loadouts changed slightly
Walk: 4674
Stand: 4675
Block: 4676
Death: 4677
Jumping or something: 4679
Melee: 4680
Like a reverted teleport animation? small to big: 4681

lava mix doesnt work
542 monk robe top stat +6 pray
monks robe +5 pray
ring of the gods
mystic air staff equip slot
green dragons - westwildy
player deaths - every time u die +1
fix credits amount log [donations]
fix max cape tele in dueling
glory won't let me teleport above 20 wild.
equip definitions for some new items from 121. pyromancer, burma torch n shit
nerf c hally spec a bit
reduced starter items, we have ::spawn


ring of suffering recoils
fixed a red dragon
fixed greater demons
removed some npcs
slight adjustments to slayer tasks
"seers ring buff" - OSRS did this recently, now +6 magic bonus for norm
"ballista reworks" -
Light Ballista to provide a +110 Ranged Attack Bonus, with a Ranged requirement of 65.
Heavy Ballista to provide a +125 Ranged Attack and +15 Ranged Strength, with a Ranged requirement of 75.
fixed goblins in lumby
bronze spears now a common loot
fixed gwd spawn timers
fixed zammy gwd animations
cleaned up some combat definitions
scorpia is now a 10 second respawn like osrs
removed bounty hunter
updated bounty shops
updated the point trackers
updated some npc namings
re-enabled donor ranks
ring of suffering operate charges check in equipment tab


fixed d'stone prices in crafting store
10083 11748, 11744 - noting items on bank
removed player owned shops from "bank Tables"
Sailor now allows either shown option to travel to citys
corp cave has had another square added so you don't land on the cave
added an admin commands interface, to go with the mod commands.
updated some mod commands/admin commands
::getid command added
superheating items re enabled


combat update - Formula's & more tweaks, be sure to give us feedback ASAP!
killstreaks update
pvp tab - highest & current killstreak
profile - highest killstreak & current ks
double points update
double xp update
removed some Item dismantle data
gmaul accuracy slightly changed
granite clamp added to bounty store #1
updated reset KDR - Costs 10 credits, resets both kills/deaths
ironman have access to clothing store #2

if (target == null) {
    target = new Player();
    // target.setUsername(Utility.formatPlayerName(name));
::giveall to ground also
locked exp stops ::spawn from reseting xp

Decorative ammo quiver = avas and has stats & 30 range requirement
vengeance now has 40 def requirement since we don't have quest to unlock.

barrows glove - pkp store
You can no longer teleport from clanwars, leave normally.
added a kill timer to Cerberus
corrected tons of NPC's Max hits, and all round Statistics.
abyssal bludgeon special attack forumla

Jon's Notes:
Fixed rune and dragon javelin's bonus.
Added and fixed bonuses for iron and rune thrown axes.

Goalies notes:
Changes Zammy hasta range str +2 removed.
Bstaff mage req changed from 20 to 30, crush attck lowered to 25,str lowered to 32.
Max cape stats reduced to match os.
+1 pray added to arma cbow to match os.
+1 changed from range str to prayer like os.


cb ud fix
reduce warriors guild tokens
duel wins/losses tes
Duelling wins/losses tracker - add to player profiles
Blue dragon's cave expansion
hp cape emote
str cape emote
achievement cape wield slots
::giveall if ironman sent item to bank.
genie 3rd option to reset master status - client ud
moved some npcs at home


zammy robe bottom goes on head slot
nieves client options,
player.curePoison(0); to npc 6875 walk to actions
spec restored on killing a player
pest control instance issue - virtualmobregion


repacked 127 data, need item definitions
pvp hiscores implemented
updates to client and cache
removed some fish from ironman box
fixed jewellery
slight change for implings


bank tabs fix
occult neck kit into bh store