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Earth Elemental Area - Kki1000 - 05-07-2019

So basically I just came up with this doing smithing, but essentially I'm thinking of a new little area somewhere where the map isn't used, nothing fancy, filled with Earth Elementals that requires 70 smithing and 70 mining to go there, and requiring a higher amount of GP to actually teleport to this location, lets just say 50k. So here's a more proper outline of what my suggested entire update would actually be.
New Area, only containing Earth Elementals.
Earth Elementals would drop un-noted mithril, adamant, and rune ores and bars,
Requires 50k to teleport to Earth Elementals
Need the use of Protect From Melee 
Earth Elementals would be aggressive
This is how the drop table would look
Mithril Ore (1-3)
Mithril Bar (1-3)
Adamant Ore (1-3)
Adamant Bar (1-3)
Runite Ore (1-3)
Runite Bar (1-3)
These would have the potential to drop up to 3x of the item dropped (1-3 ore or bars per kill)
In these quantities, it would help remove money from the game as they're not noted and would help bring the skilling aspect and PVM aspect closer together, since you would benefit here killing these monsters rather than mine them yourself, but then you suffer on mining XP, but in the game, mining is much faster than smithing is anyway.

I don't see this fully passing, but maybe it would help someone else out there with some creative ideas that would help the server or be just kinda cool to see in game that would make the experience better for all of us, that's basically just what I'm going for here, but yeah, maybe you did enjoy this idea. 

Peace out, and good luck on drops 

RE: Earth Elemental Area - Jon - 05-07-2019

I think that's really good, and I thought about adding more to it, though, you can get mithril bars from mith dragons, and same with addy and rune bars, from those respective dragons, when/if they come into game.

RE: Earth Elemental Area - I Dds You - 05-09-2019

sounds pretty cool to me, I'll review it more this weekend and perhaps discuss with you some changes/idea that I might come up with

Thanks for the suggestion, dude Smile