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PkOwnage Update log Archive 2017 - I Dds You - 05-09-2019

Pretty self explanatory, this thread lists all of the updates from the archive 2017


holy wrap wear slot item 19997
added ::thread # so u can open forum threads ingame easier
fixed dragon javelins - no longer drop on floor and are used 100%
fixed the singular super combat for decanting!
Fixed defense requirement for gilded boots
Fixed bonuses and item requirements for decorative magic armor.
Fixed Arclight stat bonuses - can confirm it's stronger against demons: zamorak boss, all abyssal npcs, nechryaels, demonic gorillas, skotizo, and lesser &greater demons.
Volcanic and frozen whips now have their 70 attack requirement.
removed crystal helberd specs from wilderness use
revamped lottery to 50m, 5m entry
nerfed sire a bit more
nerfed d daggers slightly (accuracy)
redid some triviabots
fixed achievement such as 1000 bolt enchant (10x per enchant)
elder chaos druid robes added ingame via clue scrolls
monk robes (g) added ingame via clue scrolls
chef hat golden available by clue scrolls
you can now decant noted potions and no longer decant unnoted potions.
added money pouch option for decanting too
split highscores from norm and ironman


redid max cape stats, they were all wrong haha.
new items definitions
fixed the new robes look and banshee outfit
item requirements
ardy max cloak creation
fixed and adjusted some weapon definitions
fixed all magic staff's, should now give unlimited runes
set a price for impling jars
added olmlet pet
updated claws spec animations
started dragon sword spec
added dragon and infernal harpoon fishing
added karambwan pot fishing animation
karam fishing at entrana, skill store now sells karam pot  2877, 3342
removed a couple of skilling store items as they aare in the general store
added corrupted armour to accessories store (equivilent to iron armour, more pure variety!)
Banshees now drop this year's halloween drop, the banshee robe set!
added obor the hill giant boss, added to medium slayer tasks. drop rates changed
Obor is now spawned in the hill giant cave in varrock
cleaned up some combatspelldefinitions

gave hcim armour stats
gilded chain body - 20149 stats, equip, req - clue reward
gilded 2h, spear, hasta and scimitar
added support for hardcore ironman mode users - rank #16
full support for hardcore ironman, teleporting, shops etc
pack hardcore ironman sprite #16 in mod icons
added prayer icons to cache
ironman restrictions to weapon game are removed
kodai wand - unlimited water runes
ancestral robes boost
updated cache and client
updated starter interface
starter kits


HCIM Weapon game block
::giveall - hardcore ironman supporte
gold elegant - full body
karambwan pot ironman shop
updated some commands
infernal pickaxe stats
vetion gives boss points
ranger boots
frozen whip
mud pie - equipment slot is on head
javelins equipment slot to arrow slot
active/online players list - hardcore support lol
impling items to remove - basket of strawb, (pure ess needs to be noted), black d hides noted, added dragon javelins to dragon imps
dragon battleaxe to weapon store
remove shortbow normal, oak, willow and yew shortbow from ranged store
remove blue and red dhide set
add karil bolts to range store
boost the rings of recoil from 100 to 10000
moved shops at home in a better order
removed some mob abilities that are unused.
vetion not giving boss points or dropping items

kodai wand 15% boost
dragon hunter crossbow 20% boost on dragons?
-Doubled magic accuracy, will continue to tweak it until its solid?

item packets
if (itemId == 10499 || itemId == 10498) {

Rename "cage spot" to karambwan vessel
fixed wingman skree animations
fixed d thrownaxe gfx's
fixed clue scroll dupe
hcim icons -client update
renamed karambwan spot
fixed warhammers attacking
fixed d2h spec - Accuracy, added gfx finally.

fixed some ranged weapon definitions
fix battle axe kick
mob path finding trey did
gmaul clamp fixed
prepared trey's service
raids combat restriction, block hcim playing,
weapongame amulet kits


recall amulet - cant tele in combat
remove community polls command and announcement
"did you know" you can check your rank on the in-game PVPhs
clue typo - "quip a gold necklace"
mr krabs player owned shop - remove confirm dialogues
gilded chainbody - shield slot
blue and black wizard robe (g) - full body
full helms (t) and (g) - full helm ids
croziers should hold like a wizard staff
ardy max cloak - teleport, emote and stuff
remove all penguin masks - full helm id's
redo all teleports - alphabet based order
dragon (g) stat requirements
chat logs (pming)
updates starter kit info slightly
-added sand crabs teleport to training interface
-added drops to sand crabs & added animations
-added sand crab spawns
npcs spawned at ge
object 10060: opens bank
object 10061: opens playe owned shops
underwall tunnel - 16529
starterkit selection boxes - client
starter kit dialogues
Modified the quest tab slightly and cleaned things up.
changed karambwan eating timers
fixed teleing
killstreak messages
"+name+ All warriors learn from the fate of your opponent and fear you!"
Dagganoth kings have been fixed. You cannot melee/range rex, you cannot mage/range supreme and hits with melee/magic will be low on prime.
client GE Options, bank or exchange
ranks in clan chat - donor and ironman crowns in clan chat?

packed full 131 data
venenatis floors fixed
sire floors fixed
import oak's updates
move sand crabs coords, made them randomwalk, add tele
trees/mining rock id's
objectmanager id's updated - change bank booth's id = 6943
client sided player owned shop id to bank deposit box
chambers of xeric bank booth
fix player owned shops id
chest at entrana skills to face south.
gilded scimmy - copy rune scimmy
moved sailor
moved raid queen
added raids teleport

repack special attack bar
repack firecape models
tried repacking venenatis webs
new prayer icons
fixed dueling forfeit (again tehe)
added imbue scroll to slayer shop
ancestral robes set completed
updated itemdefinitions/npcdef/objectdef - 131 data
adjusted some client item defitions - examines etc.


Fixed the titles shop,
added new achievement titles -- broke button ids
test raid minigame
premade gear
interfaces update
fixed team capes worn slot

post updates thread, send to every1
do an email for updates thread

update advertisements

edited premade sets slightly
adjusted premdades
dark bow 60 ranged
fixed flax picking
Added genie for master reset at GE
zulrah and cerberus tele delay, cant use in combat
update pkownage client jar after obfuscation
added ::f2ppure
fixed all 3rd age item weapon definitions
elder maul to bounty shop 2
ancestral to bounty shop 2
adjusted some prices in bounty shops
set frozen whip price and volcanic whip price
set item prices for new items

wc guild:
bank - 28861
Player owned shops: 26254
redwood trees
redwood firemaking
redwood ladders
add a teleport to skilling teleports
raids object remove: 1254, 3569  -  1254, 3570
Pyromancer outfit from firemaking.
Gate ID fixed at edgeville
give 3rd age bow arrows


added elite void handling
test jad attacks
updated chat logs
added command logs
pin logger
added spirit tree teleport ?
fixed ring of slaying ?
Desert amulet 4 works on kalphites
dagannoth slayer hard task.
lizardman shaman boss task
scorpia boss task
strength cape (t) now teleports to warriors guild
new team capes to easy clues
Elite Sword teleports - achievement diary bonuses on weapons
elite cloak teleports
elite helm teleport
elite playerlegs teleport
anguish boost
tormented boost
fixed wilderness sword weapon definitions

torture kits
animal masks to clue scrolls
fixed weapon game
added my own dagger
-added blurite ore mining
-added clay mining
adde lovakite mining (its in zeah)
jad slayer task
added some new teleports, thermonuclear, dagganoth, varrock west bank
added dagganoth lower lvls
dragon thrownaxe spec
fixed magic shortbow spec - given accuracy
kind of fixed jad?
zulrah range/mage prayers were mixed, when protecting those prayers it was working opposite.
callisto, crazy arch and chaos fanatic added to prayer protect hit damages

update logs on forum, spam advertisements
What's your favourite? - pets topic on forums
cyclegfx command ?
fixed the trivia for first teleport
normal slayer helm (i) magic formula and range formula


hcim command ::giveall handling
super energy 3
occult necklace 10% boost
change starter money from 5m
change killstreak messaged [too many words]
banshees combat stats
ardougne max cape lvl 3 combat
object 26814 vote booth - facing 4 should be face 3


Combat update - pures fixed
fixed kodai wand ID
dragon thrownaxe spec
combat changes


god d'hide worn requirements
twisted bow, 3rd age bow d arrows
updated magic thing
updated weapon game
if you buy items from shops with full inventory, no item received but points are taken
buy 5000 from a shop
sell items up to 10m worth to a shop
wyvern kills now tracked
fixed some mob stats
poison set 0 at end of weapongame
fixed ring of slayer
added a tele to ring of slayer
added a tele to castle wars ring of dueling

ornate pool in max cape
lunar isle teleport in max cape area
fixed item dismantles

Steff joined:
17/04/2017 Steff Updates
- It is now possible for multiple players to obtain items from raids
Minor Fixes:
- The Toxic Blowpipe now has a +60 strength increase to damage rather than the +40 it had originally. This is to make it more to how it is on OSRS.
- Clue scroll drops have been added to the following skills: Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting and Thieving.
- Minor text changes for when a player has recieved a skilling pet has been put in place.
- The Giant mole has been moved to the centre of her lair.
- The Giant mole should now dig more often.
- The Giant mole is no longer an aggressive boss.

18/04/2017 Steff Updates
Minor Fixes:
- Reworked Dharok's set formula to simulate it more to how it is on OSRS.
- General Graardor will now drop the correct amount of magic logs.
- More text changes have been put in place for when a player recieves a pet.
- When creating unfinished potions, the proccess has been sped up significantly.
- All melee weapons have had their special attack accuracy buffed.
Client Update:
- Shift-click drop is now in-game. Just hold down shift and click on the items you wish to drop.

19/04/2017 Steff's Updates
- Who ever does the most damage to an NPC, including Ironmen, will now receive the drop.
- Admin icon now appears in the clan chat, chat.
- Spaces have been added between icons and usernames in mulitple chat platforms.
- You can no longer use other weapons in the Duel arena if Whip & Dds Only mode is ticked.

20/04/2017 Steff's Updates

- Cerberus now has a 1/20 chance of spawning ghosts to help assist him in the fight.
- The PkOwnage bot has had a couple of answers updated.
- A chat message will now appear instead of a dialogue box when creating super combat potions.
- You'll no longer get a dialogue box appear after leveling up a skill but the message will still appear in your chat box.
- Twisted bow no longer makes you invisible when firing dragon arrows.
- The twisted bow will now do higher damage to NPC's with high magic attack that is above level 150, scaling to the NPC's magic attack level.
- All trident variants have been sped up to meet the correct tick speed.
- All crossbows (except Karil's) have been sped up by 1 tick.
- Serpentine visage will now have a chance to poison your opponent.
- You will now only be assigned between 1 and 5 Jad tasks.

21/04/2017 Steff's Updates
- Players will now receive boss points from Raids.
- When a player has finished killing Zulrah, they'll now receive a message telling them their boss points.
- Fixed Rock Cake killing you at 1hp.

21/04/2017 Dan's Updates
Ironman can now use weapongame
Shayzien armour is tradeable now
K'ril Tsutsaroth [zamorak boss] should be added into the boss slayer task list.
Moved Giant mole teleport to centre
Expanded camerazoom to 1250 from 900.

23/04/2017 Dan's updates
Coloured Graceful sets to the marks of grace store.
equipment slots for graceful sets. (equipment definition)
impling loot changes - medium clues to ninja (had none), hard clues to dragon (had medium)
fixed infernal harpoons turning into null when trying to note
fixed a bug where you could tele at the back of the wilderness.
add gwd's npcs to wilderness gwd tele (an achievement diary item "wilderness sword 4" has a tele to it!)
made the gwd wildy cave multi
made the gwd wildy cave wildy
spread out the raids npcs more hopefully (extended the random generated X & Y coords)

25/04/2017 Steff's Updates
- Slayer tasks have been reworked so you are now given less NPC's to kill.
- Points awarded from Slayer have been reworked to be more balanced.
- You'll now receive a message telling you how many points you've gained and how much many points you currently have along with how many tasks you have completed.
- You will now receive a message on what skill level you have achieved.
- The dragon harpoon will now be dropped from Raids.
- The dragon harpoon can now be used to catch the following; Tuna, Swordfish, Sharks and Manta ray
- You can now catch monkfish by using a small fishing net on the "Monkfish and Manta ray" fishing spot.
- A couple more pet messages have been updated.

28/04/2017 Steff's Updates
- More NPC's will now be able to be attacked with the Twisted bow.
- Raids rewards have been reworked.
- You can no longer get rewarded from killing players on the same IP address as you. This is to combat the PKP farming issue.
- You'll be shown the amount of PKP and kills you have when performing a successful kill.
- You will now once again gain Slayer points from completing Slayer tasks.

29/04/2017 Dan's Updates

- Fixed ironman & reg highscores with dev rank
- adjusted randomized raid spawns again slightly
- fixed premade sets in minigames
- adjusted ironman's damagemap counters.

01/05/2017 Steff's Updates
- Dharok's accuracy has been nerfed dramatically.
- Special attacks will now hit more accurately.
- NPC's should now take into account defence levels and bonuses.

04/05/2017 Dan's Updates

- Adjusted Venenatis slightly, hopefully for the better!

07/05/2017 Dan's Updates

- Fremmy slayer dungeon-
- agility shortcuts
- elder chaos druids, drops, spawns & defs
- demonic gorillas lair changed
- Updated itemdefinitions to 141
- Updated some weapondefinitions
- Updated some Itembonusdef
- Added Purple Slayer Helmet defs, shop and formulas
- item creating purple slayer helm (i)
- Boss pet Skotos (Skotizo) - needs pet npc ID.

- the gwd wildy dungeon to show in wildy correctly

Cache packed-
- packed 141 data (4/5/2017 release)

08/05/2017 Steff's Updates

Fremennink slayer npc's superiors

08/05/2017 Dan's Updates

Updated the npc kills tracker with more npcs to track
Added lucky implings and redone exp of implings
added ability to combine of all coloured phats (excluding black) to create a rainbow partyhat
Fixed tree stumps, added some more support for any missing cuttable trees.
made lava scales better priced from killing lava dragons
made mole skin / claws worth some GP.
added cooked dark crabs so that Piles is able to note them for you.
added donor zone quick cave teleport ::dzcave
added dragon javelins to dragon implings
Added ring of nature finally, added to clue scroll loots
Fixed "Hills" PVP teleport
Temporary fire max cape

-- updates pushed 14/05/2017 --
client version 7.0 and cache version 5.8 incoming for you to play the server again

15/05/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed flowers weild slots
fixed rock golem pet ID
added creation for mystic lava battlestaff and mystic lava staff
changed slayer task amounts
added 4th birthday hat and balloons, and the egg hat to clothing store

18/05/2017 Dan's Updates

Double law runes lvl 95, double death runes lvl 99
Added a skotizo spawn in donor zone slayer cave
Added skotos pet NPC
20/05/2017 Dan's Updates

added 3 new links for the client - discord & world map
played with hunter implings again, messed some spawns up.
fixed an issue with lucky impling looting
fixed beckon/angry emotes, they were mixed up.
cave horrors added to slayer cave (at waterfiends area)
aberrant spectres added to slayer cave
Updated superior message and added colour to the message so it stands out.
blocked weapon game from ironmans again.

21/05/2017 Dan's Updates

Added Slayer helm item creation support
Added Dragon SQ Shield creation support
Added brutal black dragons and all catacomb npcs.
Added all 4 Chinchompa pets
Added cave kraken to hard tasks
Added cave krakens to slayer cave
Fixed cave kraken drops
New Hard slayer tasks
Toxic staff of the dead dismantle
Elder Chaos Druid Teleport
Catacombs Teleport
Catacombs npcs definitions, spawns, drops
Fixed lots of npc definitions - black dragons, daggs etc
Fixed an emotes clue (beckon & angry emotes were wrong)
Updated client teleport scroll sizes

22/05/2017 Dan's Updates

Rainbow partyhat price > 1500 Credits
Fixed The FreezeImmunity Timer. (3 sec instead of 5)
Fixed Dagg Prime
Adjusted crystal keys > it is random, out of 150. Hopefully now more balanced hopefully as 65&&85
Adjusted region drop price announcement to 250k
administrators can now '::reloadtheshops'

23/05/2017 Dan's Updates

Admins use ::anim ::cyclegfx, pnpc, staff2me, massbanner [message], resetmaster.
Fixed Nunchakus to be 2h.
Fixed Nature Ring turning you into a bush.
Fixed x log at duel, account stays logged in until dead.
Fixed respawn location to be set at duel arena.
Enabled multispells in pest control game (eventually fix barrage multi etc)
Halved the Pest Control waiting room time.
Pest control now gives you twice the gold for completing the game, dependant on your Damage total!
Track Votes [each claim is a unspendable +1 so you know how many times you have voted]
Updates the quest tab's Points Tracker.
Change the thieving random text messages that appear.
Thieving random is now slightly more common whilst thieving the stalls.
Aviansies use ranged attacks as they should.
Kebab's heal 15 hp-- uguthanki kebab can now be eaten and heal 19 HP.
You can now eat Edible seaweed and Mushroom potato.
Normal Combat Potions should now work and boost accordingly.

28/05/2017 Dan's Updates

Updated some Item prices and Alch prices for clue scrolls.
Added some of the required Definitions to make the new Raid Bosses Fight - It's a start, we now have Muttadiles, Tekton, Vespine Soldiers and Vespula almost ready!
Added more Lizardman Shamans.
Added Lizardmans, added medium task lizardman.
Added Lizardman Drops.
Added Xeric Talisman & teleports.
Added all Teleport scrolls, aka tai bwo wannai & mos le'harmless teleport scrolls. (theres more)
Added some new trivias.
Added kodai insignia itemdef.
Fixed Cave Kraken, should now be attackable.
Fixed Cave Krakens - 87 slayer to kill.
Fixed Krakens - 87 slayer to kill.
Fixed a duelling bug with ::master.
Fixed an incorrect naming instance with Zandar.
Fixed Mahogany, Teak and Achey Tree ID's.
Changed wand to insignia in bounty shop.
Changed Lizardman pvm teleport
Changed the serpentine helmet(s) including magma and tanzanite to +3 str instead of +5.
Edited void bonuses to be in line with the OSRS balancing tweaks they released.
Boosted magic void slightly, as OSRS are considering this anyway (it's always been shit)
Updated player profilers to include total votes claimed [small 'silent' client update]
Removed Amulet of glory's broken charge draining system.
Castle wars bank now works.
Sorted the PVP Teleports to be in alphabet order.
Random wilderness 'raid boss' with new rewards! Find it and kill!! Currently 'Tekton'
Pets should now have opposite options - picking & talk now talk > pickup.
Leaving ffa Clan Wars restores your stats and spec.

29/05/2017 Dan's Updates

More Raid Boss Spawns.
Tekton now hits a bit more through protect melee.
Fixed the issue I made affecting weapongame, perhaps some others too.
Added Potato Catcus to the herblore shops.
Added GWD Wildy Dungeon accessible from the cave in 28 wilderness.
Hopefully fixed an issue where teleporting out of clan wars broke your character controller settings.
Corrected multi barrage to a 3x3 square.
Added Tekton to the npc kill tracker.
Redid Dragon thrownaxe spec, was hitting twice, might still not be perfected.

30/05/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed a Brimhaven Agility shortcut
Fixed a Agility shortcut at the lava maze -> 82 Agility requirement!
Fixed the Lava Dragon Isle shortcut -> 74 Agility requirement!
Fixed the wilderness Corporeal Beast Entrance, both ways.
Organized the Superiors code.
Added the Superior bosses to drop tracker.

03/06/2017 -> 04/06/2017 Dan's Weekend Updates

Mining Skill Expansion, Motherload Mine.
Motherload Mine teleport.
Infernal Pickaxe now smelts normal mined ore for you randomly.
NightMare Zone.
Nightmare Zone Teleports.
NMZ Double Points supported.
Added some more Thieving stalls (Baker - Gem, in Ardougne).
Rogue's wilderness chests can now be thieved. (the ones near chaos elemental).
Hunter skill Expansion, with hunting chins and birds.
Updated the Hunter Teleport.
Fixed an issue with the total votes counter.
Fixed a premade gear items issue.
Fixed Vetion hopefully should now drop items.
Fixed Clan Chat issue with an interface appearing over it.
Fixed staff infinite runes.
Fixed an agility shortcut in taverly dungeon, also now requires 70 agility.
Fixed the Shortcuts in the Catacombs Training teleport.
Fixed Zamorak Godsword Special attack - Freezes the opponent!
Fixed Firemaking with any item -> Tinderbox in inventory only
Fixed Crafting gems -> before Any item could be used on gems can chisel it.
Fixed smithing giving you xp when refining ironbars, even when you failed to do so.
Added Respond/message to people who aren’t on your friendlist -> cant use Tab to reply for this, but it now works
Added a Global announcement when you get a jad pet from fight caves.
Added Dark Bow Paints & Support for using them normally.
Added some more 'valid Characters' for you password - Be safe, Be secure! *]&^%$"!
Added the Occult Altar @ home for spellbook swapping.
Added Ring of Wealth (i) support, now better than normal ROW.
Added super antifires support.
Added Hunter Cape Emote.
Added Music Cape Emote.
Added Monkey Child Pet to have two options for pickup.
Adjusted the Clue Scroll Reward announcement prices.
Adjusted Implings again, hopefully.... one day it will spawn lucky implings >.<
Using Bones on altar now gives 3.5x instead of 2.0x
Increased stock limits in the Donator general Store
slight fixes with frozen whip textures, slightly better than before now.
Staff members now get a login announcement.
You can now use tridents with any magic book.
Bank Booth Collect options now access the Player owned shops.
Bank pins now remove interface for you upon entering successfully.
Boss pets talking/animating! K'ril, kree, chaos ele, graardor and zilyana pet!
pack 143 data to cache. -> still needs maps.
infernal texture -> added it, needs more work though.
Added all new items, item stats, equipment slots & Creation handles.
Infernal Max Cape Creating.

Client version 7.1, Cache Version 5.9.
05/06/2017 Dan's Updates

tridents on ancients.
fix redwood stumps.
block cannon from zulrah.
Added more items to the Imbues store for NMZ.

08/06/2017 Dan's Updates

Added Overloads to be purchaseable for NMZ Usage only!
Added Super Ranging & Super Magics also purchaseable for points for NMZ Usage only!
Added a Secondary NMZ Store, with access to purchase items with your points.
Added Tokkul Shop(s). -> runes, gems, all obsidian weapons.
Added Ring of the Gods (i).
Added Platinum tokens to the general store, with a price of 1000 each.
Added Some of the new NPC's for Inferno etc, updating the lists. Also fixed some NPC Stand/Walk Animations.
Added All npc definitions for new tzhaar npc's. Still to-do: Combat Scripts.
Added The new tzhaar pet.
Added Drops to tzhaar npc's.
Added Melee formula's for Obsidian armour, combined with Obsidian Weapons.
Added more of the Melee Formula for other obsidian weapons when worn with a zerker necklace.
Tweaked some other Combat Formula's hopefully with nothing but improvements.
Fixed the Wilderness coords, had a spot with no wildy that definitely should have been wildy.
Fixed Elite void equipment requirements.
Fixed Shadow Sword.
Fixed Toktz-xil-ak.
Fixed Toktz-xil-ek.
Fixed The Tzhaar banker - TzHaar-Ket-Zuh
Toktz-mej-tal is now 2 handed as it should be.
Stopped pets going into the bank if you don't have enough inventory spaces to pick it up.

09/06/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed Removal of red skull on death. (fight pits)
Rewarding Tokkul when you win, winner message
Enabled Fight pits -> will be closely monitored.
Fixed GWD Exit cave.
NMZ Death/completion tweaks.
Fight pits tweaks.

12/06/2017 Dan's Updates

Pest Control completion Tweaks.
Cave Kraken's drop rate for tentacles.
Players on your ignore list should no longer show up on yell.
Super donor + and staff members can now use custom yell titles properly.
Members now get a slightly slower prayer drainrate than a normal player.
Added support for unpacking more armour set boxes.
Added Extended Antifire to the consumubles shop.
Added Regular & Super Energy to the Consumubles shop.
Added some Commands for Supporter rank.
Added Impling tracker, Buy your Magic Butterly net and start tracking today!
Picking up Items that you already have a stack of in your inventory when it's full is now fixed.
Fixed blue elegant skirt weild slot.
Fixed some Ranged Projectiles.
Thrown items are now lost less when wearing avas cape.
Hopefully some slight fixes to make the Entity Feed better.

13/06/2017 Dan's Updates

Cerberus is now a larger npc, complimenting Crystal & Dragon Halberds x2 Hit.
Forgot Abyssal Bludgeon creating, that is now possible with all pieces.
Re-Done Max Cape creation -> Other method was far too buggy.
Adjusted AGS Special Strength bonus.
Adjusted Granite Maul Special Strength Bonus.
Updated mob Constants, Wyverns & Elvarg now count as Dragons.
Corporeal Beast will no longer be killed by anything other than a spear, Zamorak Hasta or Ranged.
Added Banks to Puro-Puro area.
Realised Dragon scim (or) doesn't work as a noted weapon.

24/06/2017 Dan's Updates

Repaired some fletching stuff that didn't work
Set some item prices that needed doing
Repacked IDK.dat
repacked LOC.DAT and LOC.IDK
changed opcodes client sided
began fixing mapicons, still needs some work as they are scattered/random in places.
removed spacebar dialogue handling for now, needs more work
played with some formulas again to try get them more accurate as possible.

08/07/2017 Dan's Updates

repacked cache to fix gwd and some other issues.
fixed an issue when eating food in certain areas, where a cannon is not eligible for placement.
Void update from 30% accuracy boost, to 45%.
Elite void also gets a +2.5 damage boost.
Applied the same 15% damage boost to Staff of the dead that kodai wands have.
Began adding some of the new #146 data item definitions, npc definitions etc. New Amethyst items should be coming soon
Added support for new Amethyst archery items.
Added Fletching support for creation of new Amethyst Archery items.
Added mining support for Amethyst, need to pack new maps and obtain object ID.

29/07/2017 Dan's Updates

Stile at the Falador cow farm can now be crossed.
Loyalty Manager - When you play for consecutive hours, you will now be rewarded automatically!
Updated woodcutting rewards, Birds Nests for woodcutting, potential for any nest to appear.
Added Clue Bottles for Fishing rewards and a fishing casket with some other rewards.
XP Bonus Multiplier for equipment has been implemented! Example: Prospector Outfit -> Mining, Lumberjack Outfit -> Woodcutting, Pyromancer -> Firemaking, Farmers Strawhat -> Farming.
10% bonus to hunting experience while wielding the magic butterfly net.
You will now receive a 5% experience boost to Fishing while wearing Angler pieces.
^ the full set gives you an additional 5%, for a 30% total boost.
You will now receive a 5% experience boost to Thieving while wearing Rogue pieces.
^ the full set gives you an additional 5%, for a 30% total boost.
You will now receive a 5% experience bonus to slayer while wearing any of the slayer helm (i).
the Achievement Diary Varrock platebodys now each give a bonus smithing xp when worn, 5%, 7%, 10% & 15%

Boss Event handler has been Updated with a better expansion.
Added Double Gold event handler for all NPCS when active.
Set the event to hourly.
Updated the last spellbook teleports page with Cities teleports, All alphabetical order.
Added Demonic Ruins PK teleport.
Fixed ::discord command to auto join from in-game.
Fixed gem rock mining. -> Only rewarding opals right now.....
Changed the "collect" option on bank booths and chests to support the player owned shop.
Added support for creating & using the Godswords (or).
Fixed arrows @ Kraken lair, now spawn under you like zulrah would.
Changed Fog distances Slightly.
Changed AGS Formula slightly to be more accurate.
30/07/2017 Dan's Updates

Updated Client for new tele interface and made the scroll region larger to handle all teleports.
Added some new login messages for ranked players, such as Veteran, Youtuber, Support and Staff.
Added Vespula raid boss for boss event, made it a flying npc.
Added Muttadile raid boss for the boss event.
Farmer's Strawhat exp boost for farming. also a farming reward, from farming.
Added some items to the Pest Control store - Mystery boxes, Crystal Keys and Genie Lamps.
Enabled ::fps command for all players to use.
Godswords (or) Hard Clue Scroll reward.

31/07/2017 Dan's Updates

NEW Skin colours! Speak with the Makeover Mage to customise your look :) - Must update client!
Made some changes to how Skotizo works to revive him as a boss, made him a random event boss!
Fixed the Event Timer to be 30 minutes per event! - Thanks Steff <3
Reworked the Skotizo Teleport, Dark Totem is now required for such challenge.
Other Teleportation fixes.
Added Xeric's Shrine altar so it restores prayer.
Added Dark Totems drop to all catacombs npc drops.
Added the rest of the Cat Pets.
Added a Cat Crate to the Mystery Box as a reward.
Changed the Client name to just PkOwnage.
Fixed a weird bug with a certain item and the general store.
Added Money pouch examine as a chatbox message, along with the dialogue.
lizardman drops (level 53).

05/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Changed Magic Accuracy Forumula slightly.
Fixed NPC Thieving (Pickpocketing), ID's were incorrect some by a long shot haha.
Fixed Combat Definitions for some of the pickpocketable npc's and added the drops for them
Populated Ardougne, with Hero's, Paladins, Knights of Ardougne and Guards.
Added Soul Runes Runecrafting.
The Soul Abyss Teleport, now teleports you to the Soul Rune Altar rather than the Astrals.
Added Xerician Robes, Dropped by lizard shaman and lizard man.
Fixed donation Quantitys. always ensure you have inventory space when claiming!
Renamed [pkownage] to [pkownage events]
Twisted bow no longer logs you out if you attack Gargoyles, Kraken Whirlpools, Dagannoth Supreme or Rex.
Adjusted all Runecrafting XP Rates.

Website Update(s):
Updated some of the web page footers making the website slightly more fluent to navigate.
Re-done the store

Updates to the store include the following:
Completely recoded back-end & Completely remastered CSS.
More secure using password hashing.
Design is now mobile friendly.

06/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Changed the membership total donation pricing for the automated rank selection.
Fixed Lucky implings opening.
Updated varrock east mine clue digging spot to match OSRS spot (1 tile west of the fern)
Fixed the Playtime reward breaking the bank.
Fixed some items that don't have a noted item ID, which would be lost if you withdrew as note from bank.
The Crier and musketeer hat tradeable as they should be.
Corrected the 3rd age magic equipment defense requirement from level 65 to 30.

07/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Been looking into the store problem, as donations are currently not live since the update!
Twisted bow no longer logs you out when you attack any of the Aviansies.

10/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed an issue with ruby bolts(e) counting as two kills when finishing off an NPC with a bolt special.
Removed coins from playtime reward.

11/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Changed pest control to restore stats and reset prayer etc.
Fixed an incorrect ID in the Pest Control shop.
Fixed all the reward messages with a space between the reward and the fullstop.
Made the farming pet a little bit easier to obtain, as it's hard enough as it is.

12/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed Boss pets being added to the bank when you log out etc, they were breaking your bank.
Fixed a bunch more NPC Combat Definitions.
Changed the Moss Giants in brimhaven and other areas to be lvl42.

13/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Client Updates. (Must Re-download)
Cache Updates. Full #146 Mapdata, Texture fixes
Added Clue Bottle's Item Definition.
Redwood Ladder fixes.
Documented the object teleports available that were unknown to me in walktoactions.
Changed rarity of RCing Skill pets, since there is 1 per altar.
Expanded the Kurask lair in Fremennik dungeon via the stairs.
Added Kurask spawns.
Nieve's Slayer cave now takes you to the correct place.
Updated Slayer Cave Teleport.
Updated the Slayer Cave NPC Spawns.
Added the tunnel shortcut within the Cave.
Added Cave Kraken lair teleport.
Located the Thermonuclear / Smoke Devils cave, added a teleport for it.
Populated the Smoke Devils cave.
Fixed Mastermeall command (admin) giving people 138 combat.
Began a basic Infernal Cave system!

14/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Temporary ::votestore command added.
Moved Corporeal Cave Teleport temporarily.
Fixed a typo with the slayer task 'basilisks'

16/08/2017 Steff's Updates

Experience rates have been halved.
The Twisted bow should now no longer log you out after attempting to use against other players.
Each prospector piece has been dropped in price and are now 100 golden nuggets per.

16/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Another Cache update.
Removed the Poison Spider task - Was told it didn't work!

-Corporeal Beast Cave, Black maps. Still usable, moved teleport nearer the cave temporarily.
-Saradomin Godwars dungeon - Boulder for entry non existent.
-Motherlode mine rocks are glitched, some face backwards into the wall on the 2nd floor.
-Vote Booths have returned.
-Barrows Chest Has returned.
-Barrows doors have returned.
-Godswords weild animations fixed.
-agility ticket npc is no longer a pyramid block.

19/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Redone all npc definitions to ensure twisted bow is working and stats are correct.

22/08/2017 Steff's Updates

Experience rates have been halved.
The Twisted bow should now no longer log you out after attempting to use against other players.
Each prospector piece has been dropped in price and are now 100 golden nuggets per.
Lava scales dropped from Lava dragons can now be crushed with a pestle and mortar to create Lava shards.

22/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Finished all or nearly all NPC Definitions for the Inferno Minigame.
Added the Exit object when you are within the Inferno Minigame.
Added support for Sacrificing your firecape to enable you access to join the minigame.
Added Sacrificing Infernal capes for a chance at the pet.
Blocked the Inferno fire entrances from acting like doors.
Added the doors to access inferno.
Added banking support @ the new bank area in Mor Ul Rek.
Added the banking minder.
Spawned TzHaar-Ket-Keh @ inferno cave, NPC will be used to start the minigame.

24/08/2017 Steff's Updates

You can now open the worn equipment screen when having a Twisted bow equipped.
Max hit formulas (melee only) now round the number down to the nearest single figure.

29/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Netty 4.1.8 Implementation. (back end things, you probably wouldn't notice unless many, many players were online, like 300+)
Reworked loginthread, handling your connections hopefully a bit better than before.
New Banning System implemented.
Zamorak, guthix and Saradomin robe top are now full body.
Mor Ul Rek Gem & Ore Thieveing, with respective level requirements set.
Lava Forge @ Mor Ul Rek bank should now be working.
Removed Skotizo from the DZ Slayer Cave.
Fixed Taverly dungeon ladder, in and out.
Fixed Kalphite Queen's combat stats.
Fixed some of the tzHaar npc's combat stats.
Populated Mor Ul Rek with some of the tzhaar npcs.
Inferno caves is now a multi arena.
Fixed one of the inferno cave npc which didn't work as expected.

31/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Heavy Casket (19941) Stand/walk animations!
Cave Horror Teleport & Spawns.
changed fog distance again.

02/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Using Item on bank - unnote x amount of item instead of all.
Fixed Item switching which seemed to be delayed or slower i.e for bridding etc.
Fixed Teleporting at 30 wildy with certain items (glory, cwars ring etc..).
Fixed Mithril seeds for Flower Poker Gambling.
Better ::update command. (Had some issues with player saving).
PM Chat Log Adjustments.

03/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed the Item price of Potato Cactus.

09/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed Input Fields on the resizable client mode. Example- Drop Table interface, Account Bank Pins, etc.

10/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Store is actually fixed fully this time.
Added Mithril Dragon ranged attack, fixed the max hits of its attacks.
Super attack potion (2) decanting into a (3) with giving you empty vials fix.
You can now purchase Toadflax & Snapdragon with agility tickets.
Fixed some of the buttons for Agility Tickets.
Began adding a Magma Blowpipe, a custom red magma Blowpipe.
Fixed Farming.
Skotizo Safe deaths instance. (you needed another dark totem to get your items back before).

16/09/2017 Steff's Updates

NPC hits accuracy forumla has been reworked and is a lot more accurate.
Magic accuracy has been fixed meaning splashing happens a lot less often if you've got mid to high magic attack bonuses.

16/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed the Fire Cape sacraficing for the infernal caves when it's completed.
Sulphur vents can now be used for cooking food in the TzHaar/Mor-Ul-Rek area.
Added a decent base for Barbarian Fishing. Still needs to apply str/agil xp on each catch.
Added a teleport for Accessing barbarian fishing.
Added Barbarian Rod to the Skilling shop.
Fixed an Obstacle Pipe at the Barbarian Outpost Agility arena, so you can exit the arena now.

17/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Nerfed clue bottle rates a little bit when fishing, it gave you way too many.
Adjusted AGS Spec Accuracy slightly.

23/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed some Clue Scroll Locations to match osrs wiki.
Fixed woodcutting rewards.
Fixed a typo with a Dragonfire message.
Moved the Ardougne Farming telespot.
Added the Barbarian Rod to the Ironman Misc store.

24/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Networking and behind the scenes/Under the hood changes.
More secure logins, lots of incorrect logins disables you for a while.
Automated Backup task (Daily account backups).
Account file moved, so you don't have to remember your password every cache update.
Mithril seeds now work accordingly, with pickup and more than 1 plantable. Flower Poker Gambling could be played.
The Pet options for pickup should now be fixed for most pets.
Noting items by using them on a bank booth will now let you enter an amount, great for ultimate ironman.
When Dropping items on the ground they should now show up for other players after some time.
Drops Sytem reworked to a better working system.
You should now stay in the same pest control game you were playing, if you happened to die.
You can now Close interfaces with the ESC Key.
You can now Skip Chat Dialogues by using the spacebar to continue.
You can now 'Tab to reply' Private Messaging players who aren't on your friends list.
If you are AFK for longer than 15 minutes without typing or clicking you will be logged out.
Added Mithril seeds to the General Store.

28/09/2017 Steff's Updates
You will now get double Slayer points on the weekend.
All slayer helm varients will now give the damage boost when worn.

30/09/2017 Dan's Updates

You can no longer take pets into the Fight Pits, Fight Caves or Inferno Caves.
Removed the wall at Donor Zone which wouldn't let you enter the outside to skill.
Removed Mithril seeds from the general store temporarily, still need some minor adjustments.
Removed coloured slayer helmets from the Slayer store.
Changed some of the item prices in the slayer store.
Added full handling of coloured slayer helmet creation, KBD drops kbd heads, KQ drops kq heads, abyssal's drop abyssal heads and Skotizo drops Dark Claws.
If your normal slayer helm is imbued, you can use the specific drop to make the colour slayer helm (i) of choice.
Chinchompas when throwing are now a multi hitting target.
Autocasting when you run out of runes and keeps on maging, should now be fixed and stops you maging.
Gemrocks will now allow you to mine multiple types of gem from the rocks.
Improved command logs.
Added the Salve amulet effects/stats/boosts.
Added Gem Rocks to the Donator's zone.
Silent Client update will have fixed roofs for camelot roof top course.
Added Multi Area for when you go to the Catacombs lair.
Added Imps to Zamorak KC and added some IMP Spawns at the GWD Dungeon.
Fixed an Easy Clue to use the proper Blue Wizard Hat rather that a hat of a different unobtainable item ID.
Fixed a dupe with the blowpipe.

01/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed Pet Metamorphosis for: Vet'ion & The Kalphite Queen

08/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Adjusted the premade sets, moved some sets around and renamed some things, Along with adding a new set Main NHer thanks to 'Desolation'.
Blocked some items from being sold to shops.
Fixed a bug with the Zuk boss from Inferno Caves.

Released the base build of the Inferno Caves, It's nowhere near 100% but you've all been asking, so here's your challenge!
things to note regarding the inferno caves:
The Environment doesn't work. Pillars, Ancient Glyph etc.
It's all 69 waves, see:

14/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed the Item level Requirement for 3rd age cloak equipping.
Cooking Gauntlets Random Reward for cooking food, Give bonus XP when worn.
Fixed the Profile likes and dislikes counter for the leaderboard.
Moved the Gem rocks at DZ to free up walking spaces to mining things.
Added a ::givetitle command.
Added some new globalmessages.
Added the Ammo Mould to the Crafting "Mould Store".
Angler top is now a full body armour.

21/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Removed Mithril seeds from the shop temporarily.
Disabled Mithril seeds until the noclipping/removal of flowers is fixed.
Fixed the Cannonball Creation.
Added an 'Experimental Anvil' to be used for the cannonball creation. You can find this at DZ, Entrana Skilling or Max Zone.
Added a 1/8 chance of Toxic/regular staff of dead to not use any runes on casting a spell.
Added the Amulet of the damned effects for barrows armour/stats/boosts.
Added the Amulet of the Damned to the Barrows Points Store and Barrows reward table.
Adjusted some of the Barrows Rewards slightly to improve drop rates a tiny amount.
Added Vengeance other.
Updated some Item Definitions.

23/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Increased the 5000 buy limit to 50,000.
Added a raid counter for GWD Raids.
Added the raid counter to player profiles.
Added a total hours played counter.
Fixed player profiler privacy toggle saving.

26/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Cleaned up the object spawns manager slightly, had some unused object spawns.

28/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Added the Edgeville Furnace to work as a furnace.
Added the cannonball creation anvil to the Edgeville Furnace area.
The Furnace building at edgeville was not walkable before, you can now enter the area.
Added the 4 Pillars to the inferno minigame to hopefully enable an easier experience until the rest of the environment is finally completed.
Added a Duo slayer system, including players that are ironman accounts to participate.
Added Option Dialogue selection with numkeys, press 1 2 3 4 & 5
Added a couple new 'PkOwnage Quick Links' to the client.
Renamed the profiles leaderboard 'ratio'.
Added a Description to the Omega Egg.
Added Deposit all feature to the Looting bag.
Added Vote Tickets to the client.
Added Smithing XP for when smithing cannonballs.
Moved the Vengeance timer countdown placement when in fullscreen mode.

Updated the Client to version 7.7 and Cache version 6.7.
Updated the Cache to contain all data from #156 OSRS Data - Excluding maps for now, which are still at #146

29/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Updated the Server's Item Definitions to be up to date with the #156 OSRS Data.
Updated the Server's NPC Definitions to be up to date with the #156 OSRS Data.
Added the 'RuneFest' Shield to the Achievements Store.
Added the 'Expert Mining Gloves' with an XP boost to the Moterlode Mine Store.
Added the Deranged Archaeologist, with a super rare drop along with slightly better drops than the Crazy Archaologist.
Added the new Guardian Boots, Upgraded Bandos boots. You need a Black tourmaline core to create the Guardian Boots.

30/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Added the Rune Pouch to the Bounty Store for PK Points along with a couple other PKP store changes.
Coloured the Rune Pouch text to distinguise it from other chat box text.
Fixed Rune Pouch Saving Runes.
Added the Rune Pouch Destroy dialogues.
Buffed AGS Accuracy Slightly more.
Fixed the Cooking Gauntlets going in inventory, you need to check underneath you now!

10/11/2017 Dan's Updates

Cache Updates - Version 6.9 for Preloading Sets.
Client Updates - Version 7.8 for Preloading Sets.
Added the long awaited pre-loading sets interface! This grabs the gear from your bank providing you have it, Set up your inventory how you want and upload it to your Profile!
Added a button on the Quest Tab to open the pre-loading sets interface
Changed the Equipment tab button to open the Pre-loading sets interface, you can still access pre-made sets from your quest tab.
Fixed Veng.
Added an Prayer Altar to the Max Cape Guild.
Fixed the Deranged Archaeologist.

11/11/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed the 'clear' button's clicking field on the preloading sets interface.

18/11/2017 Dan's Updates

Light tuxedo jacket is now full body.
Renamed a teleport on the Skilling Interface.
Added Agility and Strength XP for when catching fish with a Barbarian Rod.
Ahrim's Staff is now One Handed, and provides a 5% magic boost.
Imbued Heart should now give a 10% magic boost when you have the item in your Inventory.
Bandos Godsword now requires only 50% to do a special attack.

20/11/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed The Agility ticket Vendor, some NPC ID Changes were made last cache update.

25/11/2017 Dan's Updates

Added more barb assault npcs around the penance queen to make it more interesting, as it is a queen and she's now being defended!
Added drops for said new barbarian assault npcs, penance fighter and penance ranger.
Penance Queen cave is now a multicombat area.
Fixed Slayer Tower Doors, could probably still do with some touch ups but they work again finally...
Added ancient wyvern shield character definitions.
Adjusted npc combat definitions for Crawling Hands.
Adjusted some other npc animations.
Fixed the 'Crushing Hand' Superior Slayer monster Anims.
Fixed a +1 Killcount message when superior slayer monsters are spawned in to fight.
Set some item prices according to the OSRS GE Price guide. (new items I hadn't yet priced mostly)

26/11/2017 Dan's Updates

HCIM have now been allowed to participate in raids, if you die you will lose HCIM status.

10/12/2017 Dan's Updates

Added the Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe to Kurask Drops.
Added all of the Rock Golem forms to the pet handler.
Repacked OSRS #160 data.
Added some new mapdata. -> This has fixed the Corporeal Beast Map and added some new areas.
Added all new item Definitions from #160 data.
Added all new NPC Definitions from #160 Data.
Set all configurations for any new #160 Item data and some that may have been missed.
Set as many animations correctly for new npcs/items as I can.
Set 2% magic boost to imbued mage arena god capes.
Added all of the new Item Creation from the Mage Arena II Capes.
After realising how hard Skotizo is, he has been made to be slightly easier to fight using any attack styles.

31/12/2017 Dan's Updates

Chatbox click to accept a trade request has now been fixed.
Fixed the Auto-restarter after a server update is run.