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PkOwnage Donations: Benefits / Rewards

[Image: pkownage.png]

Hey everyone, I'm making this thread to just have something available on the forums to show you all of the features/benefits you get from being a Donator. 

Donator Benefits / Features List.
  • The Donator's Zone by using the ::dz command or talking to Membership Marvin.
  • The Donator's General Store.
  • Exclusive Donator's Ranks based on Amount Donated.
  • Ability to use the ::yell Chat Channel.
  • Ability to set yell titles.
  • Ability to set Titles, Purchase Coloured Titles.
  • Fountain Of Rune Teleport - Used for Charging glories in Wilderness
  • Dark Crabs spot (Instead of having to use Wilderness Resource area).
  • The Donator Slayer Cave.
  • Boss Slayer Tasks, From Nieve the Slayer Master.
  • Donator Semi-Bosses/Exclusive NPC's to fight
  • The Donator's Mystery Box. 5 Credits Gamble with better reward than the regular Vote Mystery Box
  • Skilling In the Donator's Area. Thieving Gives more XP here! Everything is closer, Runecrafting, Cooking, Thieving, Woodcutting, Mining, Smithing, Crafting.

Donator Zone Preview

[Image: dz%20area%201_zps6d6w6pnt.png]
[Image: dz%20area%202_zpsyri4lcf8.png]
[Image: dz%20area%203_zpshzdyg9um.png]
[Image: donator%20slayer%20dungeon_zpsua5eqqjq.png]
[Image: dz%20other%20skele%20boss_zpslrkx6vcn.png]
[Image: dz%20skele%20boss_zps0exq3dsb.png]
[Image: skillz%20att%20dz_zpszkfhgbtq.png]

Donator Zone Shops / The Credits Store

[Image: credstore_zpsysfblllj.png]
[Image: credstore2_zpsxgxi99yv.png]
[Image: donator%20gen%20store_zpsvkjpot2w.png]

Some Donator's Mystery box 5 Credits Gamble

[Image: dondormbox_zps0v2cpk4s.png]
[Image: donormbox_zpsrpdjdnnj.png]

PkOwnage Credits Purchase Tab

This tab is so that you can purchase small benefits in-game, such as:
[Image: 2wclgzm.png]
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