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Thread Contributor: I Dds You
PkOwnage Donations: Frequently Asked Questions.

[Image: pkownage.png]

Hey everyone, Back again with another thread to help finish off this section which I took my time with doing! So here it finally is, some of your questions are now answered here and if you want to add any, just post away in the thread below!

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Donations.

What is my Donation used for when I make this commitment to PkOwnage?
All Donations to PkOwnage are Handled with care and are not used for anything other than the benefit of the Server. 

Hosting payments (Website, VPS, Voting Service).
  • Advertisements such as: Videos & Graphics.
  • Payment for Expertise regarding any extensive work for:
    • Game Breaking Bug Fixes.
    • Security.
    • Any other issues that cannot be solved by myself when necessary.

q: Can I donate with any other Payment Methods?
a: Currently, the PkOwnage Store will only support PayPal transactions However if you can purchase OSRS GP, I am willing to take OSRS Donations (ONLY Message I Dds You in-game or via forums).

q: Can I become a Donator without Donating?
a: Yes, The Vote store has credits in which can be purchased and redeemed, eventually giving you Donator's Rank.

q: Can I donate with my Game Items?
a: Essentially, yes you can. 
If a player in-game and yourself come to an agreement on items - $ ratio, then they can purchase a bond from the PkOwnage Store and exchange for your items in one trade.
Alternatively you could ask for a middleman (Staff Member). 

q: What is the minimum spend (Donation) for the Donator Rank?
a: You will need to spend a minimum of 5$ on the store to gain access to all Donator Features.

q: How many Ranks of Donator are there?
a: There are 4 Donator Ranks set at each price level starting from just 5$.

q: How do I Claim my Donation when I made a payment?
a: Use ::claim or ::credits in-game and you will Receive a Membership Bond!

q: What Benefits are there for me from Donating to PkOwnage?
a: PkOwnage Donations - Benefits & Rewards Explained
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Donating OSRS Gold Information.

[Image: 8H060Jq.png]

Website to buy OSRS Gold From:
These websites below are all equally deemed as trust worthy and are often used by most players.

Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit/Debit card

Credit/Debit card, G2a Pay, Skrill, OneCard, Alipay, Neteller, Sofort, Western Union, Alipay, Union Pay

Paysafecard, G2a Pay, Skrill, Credit/Debit card, IDeal, Paypal, Bitcoin

Credit/Debit card, G2a Wallet, Paysafecard, Skrill, Bitcoin, Neteller, Alipay, Qiwi, Union pay

Extra Information

How can I Buy 07 Gold from these websites?

Visit the website that you need, pay for the 07 gold, talk to live chat on their website about receiving your gold, they will then let you know of a location on a f2p world to collect your gold.

How do I Donate the 07 Gold to PkOwnage?

Log into PkOwnage and contact the Owner via PM, Email, Discord or In-game.

The staff member will then meet you at a specific world and receive the gold, after that you will instantly receive the PkOwnage Credits on your account.

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