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Favourite Call of Duty Zombies map?

Tell me your favourite zombies map from any of the games! I guess this thread could be in PC but I thought console, as I was unable to afford a good PC back in those days :Tongue PC's were just for RuneScape Wink 

Personally I'll always love Der Rese on Call of duty world at war; packapunch teleports and all them perks!


The newer maps look so good though but i've never had the chance to play them myself yet, I am an avid Syndicate watcher!

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Well I'm a basic person I i like just Town on Black Ops 2 and Also kino der toten on Black Ops 1!!
I really don't like the New zombies Because it's to much effort to play. :o
Haha that's fair enough, i have a feeling i'd be the same with the newer call of duty zombie maps - too much to do!

I still love the CoD: World at War zombies a lot haha

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