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PkOwnage 2019 Update log

14/04/2019 Dan's Updates

Fixed Barrows pets talk/pick up actions on the NPC

20/04/2019 Dan's Updates

Re-done some of the farming allottments code to hopefully handle them better.
Changed donator rank money spent costs.
Extreme Donators+ can enter the godwars dungeons without getting Kill count.

21/04/2019 Dan's Updates

pack better data > white around revenants cave, white edgeville wilderness ditch, voting booths have disappeared
packed #178 Data
Fixed Trading/following instead of trading bug.
Adjustments to hit distances for infernal caves.
Added damage multipliers for tome of fire and tome of frost
Added ability to reward blood money from player kills.
Added mory legs upgrades to a herblore finish potion reward.
added pvp tournament portal.
Fixed using Darts on an uncharged blowpipe and losing darts forever.
made a pathing change for ancestral glyphs in the infernal caves.
Can now reload a few more definitions without the need to restart the server.
Global Messages can now be updated without restarting the server.

22/04/2019 Dan's Updates

Added a fossil wyvern cave teleport to PVM teleports.
Added Ancient Wyverns cave, populated with wyverns etc
Added the new wyverns to potential slayer task pool.
Updated wyverns animations.
Added a backup system for accounts, daily backups will be ran now when the server hits 12 or 24 hours uptime.
Removed a weird bug that came up when hovering the quest tab button looking at achievement diary.
Infernal axe now burns logs as you cut randomly.
Updated slightly the way rewards are given when cutting tree or sucessfully cutting logs from a tree.
Every time you donate to the server, you also receive 1 mystery donor chest as a thank you.
Added a Donor Chest.
Re-done the Teleport scrolls for Zulrah and Cerberus to prevent spam teleporting.

27/04/2019 Dan's Updates

Server Launched

28/04/2019 Dan's Updates

Cache Automatic Updater re-made and fixed
Highscores Fixed
Fixed an issue with Zulrah Teleport from spellbook
changed [PkOwnage Events] to just the event that occurs -- too much text in one line.
Added Vote pages and Vote commands again
Added a Players Online API
Added vote rewards tracker to new vote system

29/04/2019 Dan's Updates

Fixed Rune Pouches (Runecrafting pouches to store essence in) !!Client Update!!
Fixed Slayer task Resetting
Barrows Gloves now cost Slightly more in the Slayer Shop.
Made some more changes to the pvp tournament *coming soon*
Added a Global annoucement so people know how to claim votes.

30/04/2019 Dan's Updates

Few fixes for wearable equipment
Changes to Revenant Drop Tables - Thanks Kki1000 for pointing this out :)
Minor fix to Slayer Task Resetting.
Removed blood Money from Bounty shop for now.
Fixed ruby bolts when trying to use a Rune Crossbow - Thanks Goody for pointing this out :)
Added a Realtime Heatmap API to go with the new API system the server utilizes.

03/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Fixed Membership Marvin NPC to teleport you properly and not get you stuck
Fixed level 53 lizardman combat stats
Adjusted the Occult altar functionality slightly.
Moved Zezima in Donor Zone, go find him ;)
Fixed some of the cooking Ranges which were object spawns, the ones that are broken are not object spawns and part of the osrs data.
Set the entrana skilling area to be clipped to zero where the cooker has broken the tiles.
Fixed a problem with the Axe/pickaxe/battleaxe Weapon Definitions.
Fixed Easy Slayer tasks. (kept giving me cows on my ironman! ha)

04/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Added the First PkOwnage GWD Custom Raids System as it worked flawlessly after a lot of work went into it, plus it was fun!
Added a new additional Raid to the old GWD Custom Raids system after renaming it, I won't spoil it too much but don't forget your Anti-Dragon Fire Shield & anti-fire!
Adjusted the custom GWD raids system rewards, Removed most rewards that would be from Chambers of Xeric.
Added the GWD raid Queen npc to Home.
Swapped spawn of Sailor & Raid Queen at home.
Added PVP Tournament Portal at home.
Removed a Wyvern Portal at home (use the teleports book)
Removed Tab Creation object from DZ as it actually has no functionality at all. Might look into adding it properly later down the line.

Fixed the "how many achievements are there" trivia as more achievements have been added.

05/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Buffed Arclight Slightly.
Fixed Godsword Shard Creation.
Fixed Avernic Defender Creation.

07/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Updated King Kurask animations.
Fixed Corporeal Beast Death.
Obelisks teleporting & Mage of Zamorak teleporting. *temporary fix, teleother spells seem to be broken too..

10/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Fixed Achievements. (Quite a major thing as it's a big update to do the fix)
GWD Raids should now count as a Raid Completion achievement.
Added some fun new random quotes to the NPC default dialogues, hope you enjoy lol :)

11/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Added some endgame slayer point rewards, slayer helmet colours are in the store at a high point to buy.
Slight change to trivia shop.
Mystery box changes.
Mystery box from vote store could now reward a very rare 250 donator credits (5$ donation equivilent) get voting!!!!!!!
Donor chest changes.
Credits/Donor Store Changes.
rearranged vote store 1.
PKP Store changes.
Voting now counts towards the achievement.
Fixed 2 items in the NMZ Imbue Shop that were not priced correctly.
Fixed Gharzi Rapier (need to find the new animations osrs added for it still!)
Added Dragon Chainbody, Dragon Pickaxe, Dragon Axe and Smouldering Stone to GWD Raid Rewards.
Revenants now drop the PVP Armours!
Began adding Morrigan Throwing axes - still need adjustments for special attack, animations, gfx and maybe balancing.
Checked and changed any superior's slayer encounter npc's animations.
Added Ents, drops, combat def, animations, spawns in wildy by the obelisk in 14 wild.
Fixed old updatecache so you can see progress when updating the cache.
New edgeville map!
Moved home teleport and death teleport
Box of Health at Home is now usable the same as the Nurse.
New Cache Update 7.9
Also re-download the pkownage Jar if you don't use the launcher! This will fix the Update Cache

12/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Fixed Corporeal Beast Achievement.
Added some more Spiritual Warriors in the Zamorak GWD Area.
Added Rock Cake to Barrows Point store.
Updated Tutorial.

13/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Updated health box text when healing.

14/05/2019 Dan's Updates

A friend has helped us implement RuneLite into our Client! This comes with some features from RuneLite that are able to crossover into the server. A lot of this will take a lot of time to implement fully!
Discord Application Created, some base images set.
Rich Presence now works with Discord.
Learning about the Discord Applications & RuneLite API.

15/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Removed the limit on how many God Capes can be obtained at any one time via the Mage Arena.
Updated some Global Announcements.
Updated Advertisement Details on various sites that we advertise on.

20/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Player has just voted global message (not for every single site voted on, that's too much!)
Added an additional security measure to the Online Store.
Added some Hellpuppy animations and petting for fun because of: Can you pet the dog?
When wearing a Ring Of Wealth (i), it will now pick up coin drops from npcs automatically for you.

26/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Fixed Pest Control Portals.
The Rogue's set for thieving has now been added as a skilling reward from thieving, when equipped it will give a bonus thieving XP.
Made some new changes to PVP Tournament Equipments, Upgraded the dharoking set slightly, added a Hybridding set.
Updated some Dialogues of PVP Tournament.
Added a Second Occult altar nearer to the edgeville Ditch for convenience.
Added Occult Altar to Clan Wars, Removed ancient & lunar altars.
Added Occult altar to Mage Bank, Removed Ancient & Lunar Altars.
Fixed some clipping issues with the new home that was added.
Reorganized the Global Messages into neater categories (hopefully I won't make duplicates now!)
Fixed a 'Null' Item from the Donators Chest.
Fixed Inferno cave Rewarding.
Added Bracelet of Etereum to Revenant Drop Tables.
When wearing Bracelet of Etereum, Revenant NPC's should hit 0 damage.
Fixed a Superior Slayer NPC ID.

27/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Fixed a few more NPC's to be attackable with Twisted bow, such as: Pest Control (portals only maybe), Revenants, Inferno Caves, Raids & Misc Random npcs.
If any other NPC's disconnect you when trying to use a twisted bow inform me asap :)

31/05/2019 Dan's Updates

Added a new command so that GWD raids can be ended and reset without the need of rebooting the whole server. (hopefully)

01/06/2019 Dan's Updates

You can now Exit the Inferno Caves without having to die.
Added some more new Commands for owner/Admin to help manage the server.
Inferno Jad now has the same abilities as Jad from Fight Caves.
Superior Slayer NPC's now require the slayer level to attack/kill them.
All slayer helmets now give an XP boost when worn (imbued give slightly more).
All Skillcapes now give an XP Boost when worn and training the same skill as the cape worn.
Master or "Maxed" Skillcapes now give an XP Boost for all stats when worn and training a skill.
Staff of Light can now be used as an Ancient Magiks casting Staff.
Staff of Light now has a slight increase in magic damage.
Added a Clue Hunter Outfit to the hard Clue Scroll Rewards.
When dying to anything, the game would add +1 to your death counter, This has been changed to only happen in the wilderness and will still be affected if you die to a npc in the wilderness.
Added Slayer Task Teleportation. Not sure how I will allow players to use this yet, will update soon!
Added Mining Rewards, you could only get the Prospector mining outfit from motherload but now you can be randomly rewarded it by mining anything.
Adjusted Hunting Impling XP Rates Slightly.
Added Ornate Rejuvination Pool to the Donators Zone (restores everything).
Added Thieveing stalls to the Max Cape Zone. Only the Scimitar stall, since you need 99 thieving to come here anyway.
Fixed the direction the vote booth was facing at the Max Cape Zone.
Added Pirate Boots to the Crystal Chest - @Kki1000 ;)

02/06/2019 Dan's Updates

When resetting your PVP Stats at the pvp points trader, your Current & Highest killstreak will also now be reset to 0.
Adjusted the Drop timers slightly when you die, to give people more of a chance to regain their lost goods. (about 5 minutes now i think, dying is all part of the game. Don't afk in non-safe areas.)
Olm & Zuk will now not follow you when you move around as a player.
The assemblers max cape also now has the same functionality as any other max cape.
Added Dark Totem (Skotizo Teleport) to the Boss Points Shop.
The Slayer Ring (8) Can now be bought from the slayer store and used to teleport to your task for faster slaying!
Updated the Slayer Cave Teleport on the Slayer ring with new Teleport coords.
You can now turn off the Global Messages by using ::gmsettings - this will save until you change it again.
Craw's bow is now an Armadyl item.
Revenant's now drop Craw's Bow. It will work similar to how the Crystal Bow works, you do not need to charge it with Ether.
Craw's Bow now has a boost affect against NPC's within the Wilderness.
Viggora's chainmace now has a boost affect against NPC's within the Wilderness.
Viggora's Chainmace is now a Zamorakian Item when entering GWD's.
Added Ivandis Flail (no idea why, as we don't have vampyres in game... but it was suggested!) Might need to find Animations for it lol @Blissful Hope#8533
Added Keris with a Bonus when fighting against any of the Kalphite NPC's
Added Equipment Requirements for Keris' (50 Attack).
The Kalphite Queen now Drops the Keris.
Fixed the Ghrazi Rapier Animations to match OSRS. Unable to find the new Stand Animations for it.
Updated the Skilling Teleports - "Guild" will now give you options for WCing or Mining Guild, Entrana Skilling will give options for theive/fish or Main shops/wcing etc.
Amesthyst is now Minable in the Mining Guild and requires 92 Mining.
Fixed Ent's Animations.

22/06/2019 Dan's Updates

Sorry for the long wait guys, I've finally Implemented many fixes from Services! Many new great updates, you need to update your Client to the latest version and also the Cache!

Cache Update > This Will auto-Update you from version 7.9 to the latest version 8.0
Client Update (You might need to download this Manually >
RuneLite Client Release (Optional Usage, please see bugs listed below and report any bugs found!
Server Update

Key updates so far include:

Server Optimizations > Achievements and Actions
Dwarf Cannon Fixes
Prayer Book Fixes
Skill Guides > What Level is required to do things on the Skills tab
Keybinds (Fkeys, found in your settings panel)
Raids Minigame Fixes - Chambers of Xeric is now working.
Raids Prayer Additions, Now unlockable via the Chambers Of Xeric Rewards pool.
Shop Fixes when using 12345 number keys, preventing you from buying X > 111 for example.
RuneLite Client Release, Currently an Optional Download due to fixes and updates still required.

Known Runelite PKO Client bugs:

Can't use Highscores no plugin yet
Fullscreen and Resizable mode need some adjustments.
Most Runelite Features work but some may not yet work.
Discord Rich Presence needs Updating more.
Eventually we will make the full switch and stop using the other client!!

30/06/2019 Dan's Updates

Hopefully fixed the Raids Timer instead of adding all your raids times into a total raids timer!
You now earn 20 boss points for completing a Chambers of Xeric Run, The same as completing a Custom GWD Raid.
Changed Ice Demon in Raids to something different, also spawned two so it caters for duos. Any more than duo is FFA anyway haha!
Chambers of Xeric (COX) Raid Counter now displays on your Player Profiler.
Added Prayer Scrolls to Chambers Of Xeric Rewards List.
Set prices for the prayer scrolls current ge price on OSRS.
Checked & Verified all rewards on the raids reward List.
Added a couple new Rewards to the CoX Raids.
Matched all items to give the same random reward amount as OSRS set. (not handled by points, just random amounts)
Added Preserve Prayer Scroll.
Fixed claiming all Scrolls and Saving to your profile it has been unlocked or not.
Updated some Item Definitions, Prices of Scrolls, noteable, tradeable, etc.
Updated Raids Items Prices according to OSRS GE today.
Added a new button in the Player Profiler for opening the in-game PVP Highscores.

New VPS, All accounts are Migrated. No Data Lost. Please can you re-download the client and delete the other one as you will no longer be able to connect without re-downloading.

Let me know if you think the game feels smoother or less smooth after this VPS Game Host migration taking place.

Client >
RuneLite Client Beta >

01/07/2019 Dan's Updates

Added Scroll redemption requirement for using the Preserve Prayer, the same as for Rigour & Augury.
Yell Messages are now toggleable so you can turn them off if you don't want to see them at all.

02/07/2019 Dan's Updates

You can now Chisel a Zenyte Shard Drop to create a Uncut Zenyte.

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