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Sad news for DCTHost...

Hey all,

Just making this thread so you're all aware of the situation. It's Sad news everyone! Our VPS (Game Server Providers) DCT Host is shutting down...

Quote:"Closure of DCT Host
To all our customers,
We’re very sorry to announce the unfortunate news that DCT Host will be closing. Both Liam and myself have worked very hard to produce a brand that you can trust in; not only with protecting your data but also providing you unparalleled support.

Unfortunately, that support comes at a cost. It’s not viable for either of us to be spending up to 18 hours hours a day on the company any more, especially with more and more hosting companies entering the industry and undercutting everyone else. We’ve always known we could not compete with companies who have their own data centers and offices for their staff, so we decided to pursue the avenue instead of just providing quality services for a price that our customers liked, with a caring demeanor and great support on top. We frequently referred to our customers as part of our DCT Host ‘family’, which speaks for the level of care we provided daily."

Quote- DCT Host - Can Your Host Do That?

We've had absolutely 0 downtime and an extremely fast set up provided by these guys so it's a great shame to hear this. That was just a snippet of the closure email!

All in all, I guess this is a thank you to them for providing a great service up until the closure!

It's all done! New VPS, All accounts are Migrated. No Data Lost. Please can you re-download the client and delete the other one as you will no longer be able to connect without re-downloading.

Let me know if you think the game feels smoother or less smooth after this VPS Game Host migration taking place.

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RuneLite Client Beta >

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